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Slideshare for Journalists by @ross

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briefing for journalists on how to use S

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Slideshare for Journalists by @ross

  1. 1. SlideSharefor Journalists
  2. 2. ContentsHow “news objects” drive attentionTips for JournalistsIntroducing the SlideShare Publisher Program
  3. 3. Social objects driveconversations
  4. 4. Presentations Documents News Objects Videos Infographics
  5. 5. News ObjectsMake the newsmore informativeand engaging
  6. 6. For years, bloggers and journalistshave used SlideShare for free toembed news objects into stories
  7. 7. News Objects “Our stories that contain embedded content gainabove average referral traffic.” -- Pierce Stanley, New Media Fellow The New Republic
  8. 8. Tips for Journalists 1.  Monitor Featured Content on the Homepage http://slideshare.net/
  9. 9. Tips for Journalists 2. Browse Popular Content by Category http://slideshare.net/popular
  10. 10. Tips for Journalists 3. Follow Sources http://slideshare.net/pro_accounts
  11. 11. SlideShare Publisher Program 1.  Branded Channel 2.  Embedding & APIs 3.  Traffic drivers
  12. 12. SlideShare Publisher Program Builds upon LinkedIn Today and developer.linkedin.com/publishers
  13. 13. SlideShare Publisher Program –  Free custom branded Channel –  Unlimited presentation, document, infographic and video uploads –  Analytics to track traffic & engagement
  14. 14. Embedding–  Embed content from your Channel into your stories–  More engaging than downloading a pdf–  Increase social sharing
  15. 15. Traffic DriversYour Channel is monitored by: –  SlideShare editors who choose what to feature on the homepage, driving traffic to your news objects –  LinkedIn Today editors who choose what to feature, driving traffic to your stories
  16. 16. How are publishers using it? Editorial: Embedding news objects
  17. 17. How are publishers using it? Reports & whitepapers: distribution for document format content
  18. 18. How are publishers using it? Events: Share presentations with attendees and let content market the event brand
  19. 19. SlideShare Publisher ProgramPublishers and bloggers with >5Munique visitors per month can qualifyby contactingpublishers@slideshare.comIf you do not qualify, you can still useSlideShare for free to leverageembeddable news objects