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Creating the Future of Travel

Slides for Ross Dawson's keynote at Travelport Live APAC. Note that many slides were videos in the actual presentation.

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Creating the Future of Travel

  1. 1. Creating the Future of Business ▪ Futurist ▪ Strategy advisor ▪ Author @rossdawson
  2. 2. Diverging paths
  3. 3. Everyone a futurist
  4. 4. Finite players play within boundaries Infinite players play with boundaries - James Carse
  5. 5. Acceleration Opportunities Structure Leadership Interfaces Retail
  6. 6. Acceleration
  7. 7. Everyone connected Source: GSMA, Cisco
  8. 8. Data explosion
  9. 9. Machines that can learn
  10. 10. Machine intelligence Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation AI performance: Conversational voice recognition
  11. 11. Real-time translation
  12. 12. Interfaces
  13. 13. Augmenting reality
  14. 14. Robots as guides
  15. 15. Robots for service
  16. 16. Rise of chatbots
  17. 17. Tomorrow’s customer service rep
  18. 18. Structure
  19. 19. Brain Internet Applications Organisations Industries ProteinsActors Society Politics Contagion Scale-free networks everywhere
  20. 20. “Ranked by market value, 60 of the world’s 100 largest corporations earn at least half of their revenue from platform markets” - Prof. Thomas Eisenmann, Harvard Business School
  21. 21. Linking latent demand and supply
  22. 22. enable value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers, based on an open infrastructure and governance structures Adapted from: Platform Revolution, Parker, van Alstyne and Choudhary Platforms
  23. 23. Share Apply Deliver Use Sell Buy Write Read Lend Borrow Create Use Pay Receive Create Use Create Consume Make Use Product Service Content Money Apps Capital Reviews Information Designs Intellectual property Connecting producers and consumers
  24. 24. Positive feedback loops More users More value for users
  25. 25. Travel as platform
  26. 26. Media as platform
  27. 27. Home as platform
  28. 28. Image: Jack Torcello Retail as platform
  29. 29. Retail
  30. 30. Experience Experience Personalisation Immediacy Community
  31. 31. In-store interfaces
  32. 32. Experience beforehand
  33. 33. Linking physical and digital
  34. 34. Personalised navigation
  35. 35. Knowledge- based relationships
  36. 36. Push-button retail
  37. 37. Seamless convenience Image: Android Central
  38. 38. Communities as customers
  39. 39. Travel communities
  40. 40. Opportunities
  41. 41. A future of more travel
  42. 42. Excellence in experience
  43. 43. Source: The Lean Startup, Eric Ries Learning from data
  44. 44. At the centre of the relationship Image: Bernard Spragg NZ
  45. 45. Adding unique value Image: Ken Brown
  46. 46. Leadership
  47. 47. The only way you can control your destiny is to be more flexible than your environment - The Law of Requisite Variety
  48. 48. Vision What world do we want to create? What might be possible? Foundations What institutions, business models, platforms and systems will enable this vision? What is missing now? Roadblocks What is blocking the potential? How can we take away or bypass these blocks? Paths What possible paths forward could allow us to reach our vision? What is most feasible? What are milestones? Collaboration What collaboration is needed between who? How can we foster and enable that collaboration? Action What action today can be taken by the industry? What action can you take to enable the industry’s potential? Industry leadership
  49. 49. The hero’s journey
  50. 50. Acceleration Structure Opportunities Interfaces Retail Leadership