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Keynote slides: Opportunities for Mutual Value Creation

Slides for Ross Dawson's opening keynote at International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Fund biennial global conference

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Keynote slides: Opportunities for Mutual Value Creation

  1. 1. Opportunities for Mutual Value Creation ▪ Futurist ▪ Strategy advisor ▪ Author @rossdawson
  2. 2. Where community began
  3. 3. Collective value and wisdom?
  4. 4. Technology and society Enabling ecosystems Future leadership Collaborative value Emerging opportunities Post-capitalism
  5. 5. Technology and society
  6. 6. Consistent exponential growth
  7. 7. We expect more
  8. 8. Immediacy
  9. 9. Image: Paul Downey Efficiency
  10. 10. Machines teach themselves
  11. 11. Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation Always getting better
  12. 12. Data from humans
  13. 13. Sustainability
  14. 14. Renewable technologies soar Source: International Energy Agency / Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  15. 15. Experience
  16. 16. The next interface beyond smartphones
  17. 17. Enabling ecosystems
  18. 18. Value is created across ecosystems
  19. 19. “Ranked by market value, 60 of the world’s 100 largest corporations earn at least half of their revenue from platform markets” - Prof. Thomas Eisenmann, Harvard Business School
  20. 20. enable value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers, based on an open infrastructure and governance structures Adapted from: Platform Revolution, Parker, van Alstyne and Choudhary Platforms
  21. 21. The many layers of platforms Technology standards City-as-Platform Company-as-Platform Platform business models Government-as-Platform Social platforms Technology platforms
  22. 22. Image: Microfinance in India Building community
  23. 23. The rise of platform cooperatives
  24. 24. Communities decide
  25. 25. Image: USAA Community experience
  26. 26. Incentives and collaboration Source: Alex Cue, New York Times, Fortune
  27. 27. Choosing your platforms
  28. 28. Post-capitalism
  29. 29. Wealth Haves Have nots Values Globalism Nationalism Power Individuals Institutions Openness Expansion Constraint Health Potential Decline Technology Embrace Disengage Humanity Original Transhuman Work Elites Insecurity Forces of polarisation Image: Marcu Ioachim
  30. 30. Source: Economic Policy Institute, US Bureau of Labor Statistics Who gets the value?
  31. 31. Accounting for externalities
  32. 32. Transparency in capital allocation
  33. 33. New forms of income redistribution
  34. 34. Tapping our human potential
  35. 35. Collaborative value
  36. 36. Design around shared values Source: Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness at Harvard Business School
  37. 37. Healthier and safer customers
  38. 38. Knowledge and information
  39. 39. Learning and connection
  40. 40. Structures for mutual value
  41. 41. Emerging opportunities
  42. 42. The most trusted and values-aligned Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2019
  43. 43. Catalysing communities
  44. 44. Source: The Lean Startup, Eric Ries Open, iterative innovation
  45. 45. Source: Oliver Wyman Owning the relationship
  46. 46. Shaping the post-capitalist world
  47. 47. Future leadership
  48. 48. The only way you can control your destiny is to be more flexible than your environment - The Law of Requisite Variety
  49. 49. Transformation to tap the potential
  50. 50. Vision What world do we want to create? What might be possible? Foundations What institutions, business models, platforms and systems will enable this vision? What is missing now? Roadblocks What is blocking the potential? How can we take away or bypass these blocks? Paths What possible paths forward could allow us to reach our vision? What is most feasible? What are milestones? Collaboration What collaboration is needed between who? How can we foster and enable that collaboration? Action What action today can be taken? What action can you take to enable the potential of the vision? Creating the future together
  51. 51. Technology and society Enabling ecosystems Future leadership Collaborative value Emerging opportunities Post-capitalism
  52. 52. Distinctive customer relationships Efficiency Relationship strength Instore videoconference Counter service Customer visits Kiosks Presence Chat Online collaboration Voice Video conferencing Human connection Interactive voice response Chatbots Video avatars Voice agents Automation