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Keynote slides: The Future of Learning

Slides to Ross Dawson's keynote at Online Learning Consortium OLCAccelerate conference in Orlando, FL

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Keynote slides: The Future of Learning

  1. 1. The Next 25 Years The Future of Online Learning ▪ Futurist ▪ Strategy advisor ▪ Author @rossdawson
  2. 2. Humans and machines
  3. 3. Who can we become? "He not busy being born is busy dying“ Bob Dylan
  4. 4. Finite players play within boundaries Infinite players play with boundaries - James Carse
  5. 5. Acceleration Leadership Work Transformation Structure Evolution Learning Interfaces
  6. 6. Acceleration
  7. 7. Consistent exponential growth
  8. 8. Ideas connecting and procreating Arxiv monthly submissions
  9. 9. Data explosion
  10. 10. Beating humans
  11. 11. Machines teach themselves
  12. 12. Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation Always getting better
  13. 13. A voracious appetite for data Source: EasySolutions
  14. 14. Interfaces
  15. 15. Reality or virtual reality?
  16. 16. Beyond human perception
  17. 17. Interacting remotely
  18. 18. The next interface beyond smartphones
  19. 19. Data on our eyes
  20. 20. Source: Grau et al/ PLOS Brain-to-brain communication
  21. 21. Structure
  22. 22. Brain Internet Applications Organisations Industries Proteins Actors Society PoliticsContagion Networks everywhere
  23. 23. “Ranked by market value, 60 of the world’s 100 largest corporations earn at least half of their revenue from platform markets” - Prof. Thomas Eisenmann, Harvard Business School
  24. 24. enable value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers, based on an open infrastructure and governance structures Adapted from: Platform Revolution, Parker, van Alstyne and Choudhary Platforms
  25. 25. The many layers of platforms Technology standards City-as-Platform Company-as-Platform Platform business models Social platforms Technology platforms Learning-as-Platform Government-as-Platform
  26. 26. Value is created across ecosystems
  27. 27. The conditions for emergent value
  28. 28. Work
  29. 29. Continuous job destruction and creation
  30. 30. Work can be done anywhere
  31. 31. Automating manual tasks
  32. 32. Expertise
  33. 33. Creativity
  34. 34. Image: ^rika^ Relationships
  35. 35. Source: Ross Dawson, Commonwealth Bank Jobs and Skills of the Future Report Capabilities and skills for the future
  36. 36. Evolution
  37. 37. Distraction and fragmented attention
  38. 38. Neuroplasticity and the evolution of our minds
  39. 39. Awareness practices
  40. 40. Cognitive offloading
  41. 41. Supporting higher-order human capabilities Interface Model quality Transparency Data quality Assessment Decision factors ConfidenceFormat Visual presentation Human Ethics Synthesis Sense-making Judgment Context Insight AI Defined decisions Optimization Personalization Conversational interfaces Assessment
  42. 42. Tapping our human potential
  43. 43. Conscious evolution
  44. 44. Learning
  45. 45. Education pays Source: D.H. Autor, Science
  46. 46. Knowledge and information
  47. 47. Image: Guido Heltko Cognitive diversity
  48. 48. For the unique individual
  49. 49. Workflow learning
  50. 50. Connected learning
  51. 51. Peer learning
  52. 52. Scalable collaborative learning
  53. 53. Transformation
  54. 54. Framing the future Source: Imperial College London, What’s Next
  55. 55. Taking calculated risks
  56. 56. Culture of experimentation Source: UBI Global
  57. 57. Structures for innovation
  58. 58. Roadmaps and consistent communication Source: Malaysia Ministry of Education
  59. 59. Leadership
  60. 60. The only way you can control your destiny is to be more flexible than your environment - The Law of Requisite Variety
  61. 61. Connecting the global brain
  62. 62. Vision What world do we want to create? What might be possible? Foundations What institutions, business models, platforms and systems will enable this vision? What is missing now? Roadblocks What is blocking the potential? How can we take away or bypass these blocks? Paths What possible paths forward could allow us to reach our vision? What is most feasible? What are milestones? Collaboration What collaboration is needed between who? How can we foster and enable that collaboration? Action What action today can be taken? What action can you take to enable the potential of the vision? Creating the future together
  63. 63. “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves” William Shakespeare
  64. 64. Acceleration Leadership Work Transformation Structure Evolution Learning Interfaces