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The Future of Work and Education

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Slides for Ross Dawson's Opening Keynote at CEE 2017 - Centre for Educational Enterprise.

Note that many of the slides are videos in the actual presentation.

For more see www.rossdawson.com

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The Future of Work and Education

  1. 1. The Future of Work and Education ▪ Futurist ▪ Strategy advisor ▪ Author @rossdawson
  2. 2. Humans and machines
  3. 3. Why schools?
  4. 4. Thinking about the future to create it
  5. 5. Finite players play within boundaries Infinite players play with boundaries - James Carse
  6. 6. Acceleration Leadership Work Structure Society Education Capabilities
  7. 7. Acceleration
  8. 8. Everyone connected Source: GSMA, Cisco
  9. 9. Data about people
  10. 10. Machines that learn
  11. 11. New interfaces
  12. 12. Society
  13. 13. We expect more
  14. 14. Power to the individual
  15. 15. Opportunity 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 Population (million) Global annual income $0 - $300 $300 - $3,000 $3,000 - $30,000 $30,000 - $100,000 > $100,000 Source: World Bank, United Nations
  16. 16. Participation Source: We Are Social
  17. 17. Beauty and elegance
  18. 18. Structure
  19. 19. Networks everywhere Brain Internet Applications Organisations Industries Proteins Actors Society PoliticsContagion
  20. 20. The networks come to life
  21. 21. Platforms enable value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers, based on an open infrastructure and governance structures Adapted from: Platform Revolution, Parker, van Alstyne and Choudhary
  22. 22. Distributed work Local work Microtasks Innovation Knowledge P2P lending Transport Space Crowds and Sharing Economy Landscape Shared assets Marketplaces Aggregation Single prize competitions Structured competitions Ideation Expert platforms Crowd process Reward crowdfunding Equity crowdfunding Observation Labor pools Content markets
  23. 23. Connecting minds
  24. 24. Disruption
  25. 25. Continuous job destruction and creation
  26. 26. Work can be done anywhere
  27. 27. Cars drive themselves
  28. 28. Emulating humans
  29. 29. Robot workers
  30. 30. Judgment and decision-making
  31. 31. The end of routine work Source: The Growth of Low-Skill Service Jobs and the Polarization of the US Labor Market, Autor and Dorn US employment by occupational group Routine Non-routine cognitiveNon-routine manual
  32. 32. Polarisation of work Source: The Polarization of Job Opportunities in the U.S. Labor Market, David Autor
  33. 33. The humanisation of work Image: Dell
  34. 34. Capabilities
  35. 35. Truly human capabilities
  36. 36. Expertise
  37. 37. Image: JoesSistah Creativity
  38. 38. Image: ^rika^ Relationships
  39. 39. Adaptability Image: Frank Bonilla
  40. 40. Collaboration
  41. 41. T-shaped and Pi-shaped skills
  42. 42. Machines plus humans
  43. 43. Learning
  44. 44. We are all the same: unique
  45. 45. Data to personalise learning
  46. 46. Peer and social learning
  47. 47. Where can I learn the most? Image: John Walker
  48. 48. Learning as you need it
  49. 49. Education
  50. 50. Education pays Source: Acemoglu and Autor
  51. 51. Work is who we are
  52. 52. Design mentality Source: Stanford D-School
  53. 53. Technological literacy Image: One Laptop per Child
  54. 54. Always testing and learning Source: The Lean Startup, Eric Ries
  55. 55. Entrepreneurial opportunities
  56. 56. Reputation and distributed credentials
  57. 57. Easier to discover talent Flickr credit: Steve Jurvetson
  58. 58. Learning from others
  59. 59. Leadership
  60. 60. The only way you can control your destiny is to be more flexible than your environment - The Law of Requisite Variety
  61. 61. Taking a systems perspective Source: A Community-based Complex Systems Approach to High School Completion, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Kasman et al
  62. 62. Governance for transformation Benefits Risks/ Concerns Risks of NOT taking action Productivity and efficiency Productivity loss Reduced competitiveness Staff satisfaction and engagement Loss of control Harder to attract talented staff Access to information and processes Information reliability Fragmentation of information Flexibility in work Systems security Unauthorized use of technology
  63. 63. The hero’s journey
  64. 64. Acceleration Capabilities Leadership Work Structure Society Education