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Case Study Linked In

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Case Study Linked In

  1. 1. Case StudyCustomer Name: Tier 1 European BankDates of Contract: 2011Value of Contract: circa £250,000 in permanent placementsSkill set: M&A FIG professionals – from MD down to AnalystNumber of placements: 14Location: LondonThe Challenge:My Client is a well know European Bank who wanted to invest into building a new M&A sector teamwithin FIG. This meant finding a partner who could recruit a full team from Originator MDs down toAnalysts. The total remit was to hire circa fifteen people within a six month period.The Solution:We met with the Head of Investment Banking to gain a clear picture of cultural fit and expecteddeliverables from us and from the new team.We concluded that the best route was a mixture of retained for the harder to find candidates andalso contingency search for the more junior candidates.We agreed a set process for screening candidates which would minimise the client’s time spent onthe project by reducing interview to offer ratios.We agreed a recruitment plan and which part of the market we would map (hands-off and hands-on).We negotiated creative terms which accounted for volume hires.The outcome:The client was able to reduce their time to hire from the initial six-months down to fourteen weeks.The Client significantly reduced management time spent on the recruitment process.Across the process and fourteen hires later our volume hire plan has meant savings of circa £100,000for the Client.Circle Square Talent is committed to supplying three fully qualified candidates within 48 hours ofbeing briefed on any role. We are able to achieve this by investing time and resource to building‘talent pools’ – bespoke databases of candidates suitable for the client.