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Problems Associated with the Use of Instructional Materials

This topic was covered in the Instrumentation in Mathematics course for Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics.

Problems Associated with the Use of Instructional Materials

  1. 1. Since educational communication andtechnology is a fairly new area of importancein education, it is a lightly technical field, andto understand how it can affect theinstructional delivery, one first has tounderstand the operational functionality ofthe resource kits.
  2. 2. Teachers’ knowledge have a great impact onthe effective application of teaching aids orinstructional materials, this is because theteacher uses need to understand thesequential presentation of the instructionalgadgets so as to suit the interests of thelearners and its appropriateness with theinstructional tasks.
  3. 3. Part of the application of teaching aidsor instructional materials process isthe target population for whom thematerials are to be used and thesetting or vicinity where the learningshould take place.
  4. 4. Time, is also a serious problem or factor that delaythe effective use of instructional materials ineffective instructional delivery in the class, becausein most cases the time that is allotted for a subjecton the timetable might not be enough for theteachers to present his contents alongside witheffective use of the materials which will affect thewholesome delivery of the content.
  5. 5. This factor seems to be the handicap whymost educational institutions are unableto acquire relevant teaching equipmentsand materials. In line with this, studentsand teachers will lack on the opportunityto learn and use new techniques in thefield.
  6. 6. There are sophisticated teaching aids orinstructional materials that can makelearning easier and faster such ascomputer-aided program but lack of fundshas effects on its importation and use inschools.
  7. 7. Materials available for the effectiveinstructional delivery are poorlymanhandled by both the teachers andsome school authority.
  8. 8. Schools are affected by non availabilityof resource room for the proper keepingof both the locally manufactured and thecommercially purchased teaching aidsthereby limiting its use as at the timeneeded.
  9. 9. Another pressed issue about teaching aids orinstructional materials for use is that, thematerials are grossly lacking in the schools.There was scarcity of both printed and audio-visual materials in most of the instructionalneither printed nor audio-visual materialswere available in sufficient quantity or quality.
  10. 10. The few institutions indicates the availabilityof these materials but were rather in poorcondition.

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This topic was covered in the Instrumentation in Mathematics course for Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics.


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