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  1. ENGLISH 2
  3. We use the adjectives to describe nouns ADJECTIVES
  4. Tall - short ADJECTIVES Married - Single Old - young
  5. Old - new Fat - slim Loud / noisy – quiet
  6. Difficult - easy Rich - poor Expensive - cheap Pretty - ugly
  7. If the adjective only has a syllable, with a single short vowel, and it finishes with a consonant, the last consonant ends before adding - er and - est. Example: big bigger biggest
  8. Yao is taller than Jackie Jackie is shorter than Yao tall + er + than short + er + than
  9. Bill is rich er than Annie. rich + er + than She is prett ier in person than in the soup opera. prett + ier + than pretty = i
  10. Dataflux building is bigger than SAFI hotel SAFI hotel is smaller than Dataflux building big + g + er + than small + er + than *CVC *CVC = Consonant vowel consonant
  11. GOOD = BETTER BAD = WORSE Sleeping at the hospital is worse than sleeping on the floor. Eating healthy food is better than eating junk food.
  12. more + expensive + than Long adjective The VIP movie theater tickets are more expensive than the tickets of a regular movie theater.
  13. more + dangerous + than Long adjective Doing freestyle Moto-X FMX is more dangerous than playing golf.
  15. the + fast + est Bobsleigh is the fastest winter sport. the + high + est The Dataflux building is the highest building in Monterrey.
  16. Grandpa is the oldest in the family. Leo is the youngest in the family. the + old + est the + young + est
  17. GOOD = BEST BAD = WORST Michael Jordan was the best basketball player in the NBA. Dennis Rodman was the basketball player with the worst behavior in the NBA.
  18. Oscar is the most important award for actors. Long adjective most + The most popular winter sport is figure skating. Long adjective
  19. short adjectives long adjectives COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE Speaking English is easier than Speaking German. Speaking German is more difficult than Speaking English. German is one of the hardest languages in the world. The most useful language in the world is English. tall + er + than more + expensive + than the + fast + est the most + interesting
  20. Comparative Superlative Add –er Jane is good at running. I’m slower than her. Add the –est My grandmother is the oldest person in my family One- syllable adjectives Slow, old Two - syllable adjectives Ending in -y Happy, easy Add –ier I’m happier now because my exams are finished Add the –iest I think geography is the easiest subject. Other adjectives with Two or more syllables Interesting, beautiful, modern More / less + adjective Let’s talk about something more interesting than this. I prefer buildings that are less modern than that one. The most/ least + adjective Bali is the most beautiful Place I’ve ever seen That was the least interesting book I’ve read.