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Anixter, Products, Services, Solutions

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  1. 1. Anixter Products, Services , &Solutions Ricky Rakib Ricky.Rakib@Anixter.Com
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Anixter overview Products Technology Services Delivered Globally Contact Information
  3. 3. Who is Anixter?Anixter is a leading global supplierof communications and securityproducts, electrical and electronicwire and cable, fasteners and othersmall components.We help our customers specifysolutions and make informedpurchasing decisions aroundtechnologies, applications andrelevant standards.Throughout the world, we provideinnovative supply chainmanagement services to reduce ourcustomers’ total cost of productionand implementation.
  4. 4. Anixter Corporate SnapshotCorporate Snapshot Year Founded: 1957 Number of employees: 7,800 2009 Revenue: $5 Billion Products: 450,000 Inventory: More than $900 million Customers: Over 100,000 Stock Symbol: AXE Countries: 52
  5. 5. Our Business Enterprise Cabling & Security Solutions Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable Fasteners Aerospace Hardware
  6. 6. The Anixter Difference Products Technology Services Delivered Globally
  7. 7. Our ProductsAccessories (cable Instrumentation cabletray, connectors, Mining cabletubing, etc.) Multiconductor andArmored cable multipair cableBroadcast cable Plenum and(audio/video) nonplenum cableBuilding wire Portable cordCoaxial cable Power cableControl cable Shipboard cableFiber optic cable Security cableHigh-temp wire TelecommunicationsHook-up and lead wire cableIndustrial Thermocouple wirecommunications cable Traffic signal andIndustrial fiber transit cable
  8. 8. Our TechnologicalExpertiseApplication engineeringCodes and standards interpretationProduct selection assistanceInstallation recommendationsOn-site customer seminarsCustom cable designsCustomer specification reviewSupplier auditsWire & Cable TechnicalInformation Handbook"Wire Wisdom" publicationsTroubleshooting assistanceIn-depth product technical information
  9. 9. Our Supply Chain ServicesSolutions to: Eliminate costs Stay competitive Enhance quality Address sustainability requirements
  10. 10. Anixter’s Educational Tools Anixter University A unique educational institution and curriculum designed to create awareness and provide general solutions for current and future technology and infrastructure issues Anixter’s 2010 Educational Seminars Solving the Data Center Optimization Puzzle: Infrastructure, Security and Sustainability Integrated Physical Security: A Specifier’s Guide to IP- Based Applications Protecting Critical Infrastructure Seminar SeriesIP ConnectedSM Grid Reference Guides Standards Reference Guide Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook
  11. 11. Partner with a Global Leader Presence in 52 countries Operating in 30 languages More than 290 warehouses Dealing in 35 currencies Over 7 million sq. ft. of warehouse space Serving more than 100,000 customers Over 450,000 products and 7,000 Handling 12,000 shipments daily suppliers
  12. 12. Hear What Other Customers Had to SayAbout AnixterActual customer case studies
  13. 13. Find out what Anixter can do for you Contact InfoRicky RakibAccount ExecutiveTel: 858-673-3131E-Mail: Ricky.Rakib@Anixter.Com