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Anixter Solar

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Anixter Solar

  1. 1. Solar Power Solutions Wire and Cable • Photovoltaic Connectors • Combiner Boxes Fuses • Grounding • Power Connectors Physical Support Products • Cable Ties and Clips Supply Chain SolutionsProducts. Technology. Services. Delivered Globally.
  2. 2. Utility-Scale Solar Farm From solar farms to commercial rooftop applications, these diagrams highlight areas that Anixter serves with the latest products and technical expertise. 10 11 PV connectivity 2 4 7 1 Recombiner box Inverter/transformer 6 3 Out to Substation Combiner box1 PV wire: Used to interconnect solar panels; most commonly 10-14 AWG 4 PV connectors: Specially designed connectors for PV wire; (Type PV Listed, UL 4703) available in multiple interface types2 Collector cable: Typically RHW-2 copper or aluminum 5 Combiner boxes: Combines output of multiple PV panels in a variety of AWG sizes (Type PV Listed, UL 4703) into a single collector cable3 Power cable: Typically URD or MV-105, copper or aluminum; 6 Fuses/fuse holders: Protects panels from damage due most commonly 15 kV and 35 kV to electrical failures
  3. 3. Commercial Rooftop 10 PV connectivity Cable routing 7 OR 8 5 9 8 6 2 Combiner box Inverter7 Edge clips and cable ties: UV-stabilized products, 10 Grounding: Maintains safe ground plane throughout specially designed for solar applications solar generating system8 Conduit/cable tray: Protects and routes cable 11 Ethernet switch: Manages communications and data acquisition systems9 Roof blocks: Supports panel structure while protecting roof surface
  4. 4. Wire and CablePhotovoltaic Wire – Panel Interconnect Wire• Copper conductor• XLPE insulation• Type PV Listed, UL 4703: 600 V, 1 kV or 2 kV• 600 V USE-2, UL 854 for direct burial applications• 1 kV RWU90, CSA c22.2 No. 38-05Collector Cable – RHH/RHW-2• Aluminum or copper conductor• 2 kV RHH/RHW-2, UL 44• Type PV Listed, UL 4703: 600 V, 1 kV or 2 kV• 600 V USE-2, UL 854• ICEA S-95-65815 kV or 35 kV URD Power Cable• Aluminum or copper conductor• ICEA S-94-649• TRXLP insulation or EPR insulation• Polyethylene jacket• Direct burial applications15kV MV105 Power Cable• Copper or aluminum conductor• Type MV105, UL 1072• Copper tape shield• EPR insulation• Conduit or underground ductGround Wire• Meets ASTM specifications• Soft drawn bare copper• Solid or strandedCommunication and Control Cables• Fiber optic or copper cable• Multiconductor or paired• Multiple shielding options• For instrumentation, metering and control applications
  5. 5. PV ConnectorsPV connectors are used to connect the end of each array of panels to the PV wire that runs back to the combiner box.Note: Not all PV connectors mate together. It is critical that you know the manufacturer of the connector that is on theend of the array of panels.Combiner BoxesSolar combiner boxes are used to combine PV cables from several solar arrays. The PV cables are fed through fusesto produce a single output that is then fed to the inverter. Combiner boxes are used for both commercial rooftopand solar farm applications.• 600 V or 1 kV• Input circuits: 1–48 circuits• UL 1741 standard• Enclosure types, NEMA 4X fiberglass or NEMA 3R painted steel• Fuses: fused or nonfused• Monitoring: wireless monitoring, wired monitoring, unmonitored• Integral disconnect: with or without disconnect switchFusesFuses for combiner boxes can be included with the combiner box or may be purchased separately.600 V• Fast-acting fuses• 8 A, 10 A, 12 A and 15 A (most common)1,000 V• PV fuses• 8 A, 10 A, 12 A and 15 A (most common)GroundingAnixter has a wide variety of product available to help you with your grounding requirements.• Copper ground rods• Mechanical and compression grounding connectors• Flexible braid• Lightning arrestors• Exothermic groundingPower ConnectorsCopper and aluminum compression connectors are used for terminating medium and large AWG size cablesin electrical applications.• Compression type lugs• Compression barrel splices• Mechanical lugs and splices
  6. 6. Physical Support ProductsPhotovoltaic installations (whether rooftop or utility scale) are subject to adverse UV light, wind and corrosive conditions. Anixter offers a full line of physical support products to help protect,route and support solar installations of any type. Our product portfolio includes cable tray, conduit, cable ties and clips, roof blocks, and other innovative routing and mounting solutions.Cable Tray• Supports and routes cable• Available in several materials (e.g., aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel)• Ladder tray or basket trayConduit• Conduit fittings and connectors• Routes and protects cable• Flexible or rigid• Metallic or nonmetallicRoof Blocks• Made from recycled rubber• No roof penetration required• Customizable to support conduit, tray, duct, walkway or framePanel Racking SolutionsPanel racks are used to support, mount and ground solar installations. Anixter can supply several racking solutions, including innovativeproducts that are lightweight, yet strong, and also serve as a system that routes and protects the PV cabling.UV Stabilized Cable Ties and Edge ClipsSpecifically designed for the solar industry, Anixter offers cable ties and edge clips that are made of UV stabilized PA66UV material.This provides additional protection against UV radiation for long-term outdoor use.Cable TiesUV stabilized cable ties are available in a wide range of styles, tensile strengths and bundle diameters.Edge ClipsUV stabilized edge clips are designed to route cable by securing them to a metal or plastic frame rail edge, which eliminatesthe need for mounting holes or mechanical fasteners.
  7. 7. Our Supply Chain SolutionsWinning the project is the first challenge; managing the project to an acceptable return is perhaps the biggest challenge. Anixter’s READY!SM Deployment Services map the deploymentof product to the construction schedule to reduce lead times, on-site storage and risk.READY!SM Kit READY!SM To InstallAnixter can kit common products together, Anixter can cut collector and power cablesmaking them easier to handle and find on to your specific lengths. The cables canthe job site. be cut to your exact length, tagged to your KIT specifications and delivered just-in-time TO INSTALL• Kits can also reduce the amount of separate packages that need to be to the job site. Cut-to-length reels reduce opened as well as minimize the amount scrap, on-site cutting, storage, theft, damage of waste that needs to be disposed. and labor costs. Anixter’s Parapull reels allow you to make one pull of multiple cables,• Kits could contain products such as one saving you time and money. 12-string combiner box with 12 fuses, 12 female solar connectors, 12 male solar connectors, UV resistant cable ties and edge clips, grounding connectors and a 1,000-ft. spool of PV cable.PV Wire Harnesses, Jumpers and Pigtails TaggingInstalling solar connectors in the field In addition to cutting to length, Anixtercan be timely and expensive. Anixter has the ability to custom tag each reel.can supply custom PV wire harnesses, To help contractors locate the correctjumpers and pigtails for a plug-and-play reel to use for a particular circuit,installation setup. Anixter can add the circuit number• PV Harnesses can be used to put multiple or identification to each tag. This can strings in parallel, eliminating the need be especially valuable to a contractor to run a positive and negative from each working on a large job with cable reels string back to the combiner box. scattered throughout a lay-down area.• Jumpers can be used to connect the end of an array to a parallel wiring assembly.• Pigtails are useful in wiring the end panel of an array to the combiner box.
  8. 8. CASE STUDY | Anixter Helps Contractor on Solar Farm Project Meet Deadline and Reduce Costs Challenge A contractor working on the construction of a new solar farm needed to complete the project within seven months while staying on budget. With such time and cost restrictions, coupled with the limited on-site storage space, the contractor didn’t want to worry about the material management aspect of the job. The contractor wanted to spend its time getting the project up and running by the deadline instead of poring over cable specifications, managing multiple manufacturers and building out a bill of materials. If it could streamline to procurement, delivery and management of materials, the contractor could better focus on its core competencies and control costs. Anixter’s Solution: READY!SM To Install To help the contractor address its deadline and budget challenges, Anixter assumed control of the procurement and management of products for the solar farm construction, including 15 kV and 2 kV power cable, 12- and 24-fiber cable, bare copper cable, lugs and conduit. After procuring the products and consolidating them at a local distribution center, Anixter used its READY! To Install material management solution to cut the cable to customer-specific lengths and place them on multicompartment Parapull reels. Each reel was clearly labeled with the circuit ID and power station number as specified by the customer. The cables and accompanying products were then deployed per power station: two power stations per release with five releases over the project duration. In addition, Anixter recycled the empty reels to eliminate labor and disposal costs. Benefits • Deployed project on time and on budget • Eliminated challenges of in-field terminations • Simplified material management and deployment at the job site • Improved contractor’s efficiency • Reduced material scrap, excess and obsolete inventory • Integrated into contractor’s schedule/process • Single part number specification and ordering • Complemented contractor’s core competency TO INSTALL Our Manufacturer Partners Anixter partners with best-in-class manufacturers to provide you with the products and technologies you need. Amphenol® Industrial10B0002X0 © 2011 Anixter Inc. • 02/11 • 5K • 252315 Aerospace Hardware • Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable • Enterprise Cabling & Security Solutions • Fasteners Anixter Inc. World Headquarters • 2301 Patriot Boulevard, Glenview, IL 60026-8020 • 1.800.ANIXTER • 224.521.8000 • anixter.com Anixter is a leading global supplier of communications and security products, electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners and other small components. We help our customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technology, applications and relevant standards. Throughout the world, we provide innovative supply chain management solutions to reduce our customers’ total cost of production and implementation. A NYSE listed company, Anixter, with its subsidiaries, serves companies in more than 50 countries around the world. Anixter’s total revenue approximated $5.5 billion in 2010. Anixter does not manufacture the items described in this publication. Any applicable product warranties are provided by the manufacturers. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Anixter disclaims all warranties, either express or implied. The information provided and any images shown are for descriptive purposes only. Anixter makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, about the accuracy or completeness of any information provided. Data and suggestions made in the publication are not to be construed as recommendations to purchase or as authorizations to use any products in violation of any law or regulation. All products are sold subject to Anixter’s General Conditions of Sale.