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GA Transportation Sales Tax Webinar (GCDD)

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Provides an overview of the Georgia Transportation Investment Act, transportation projects and other information prior to the ballot referendum scheduled for July 31, 2012.

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GA Transportation Sales Tax Webinar (GCDD)

  1. 1. Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia & Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities T-SPLOST :Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax July 31 – Make an Informed Choice for The Transportation Sales Tax Vote Thursday, July 26, 1:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. Pat Puckett, Executive Director, SILCGA Pat Nobbie, Deputy Executive Director, GCDD John Keys, Transportation Advisor
  2. 2. T-SPLOST Basics:• 10-year, 1 penny sales tax, collected for each region of State• All money must stay in each of Georgia’s 12 multi-county regions• 75% goes to regional projects, 25% to local needs (85%-15% in Atlanta Region)• Only each region’s voters can approve an extension in 10 years• Accountability: Citizens Oversight Panel for each region, annual audits, etc.• Specific Project Lists were developed with unprecedented public input• For Projects and Detailed Information – See: www.connectgeorgia2012.com/moreinfo.php www.metroatlantatransportationvote.com
  3. 3. Regional Commissions (RC’s) Map Project Information http://www.connectgeorgia2012.com/moreinfo.php
  4. 4. The Need: Transportation funds State gas tax revenue has lost buying power Federal transportation funding may be CUT BY 25-30%
  5. 5. TIA & the Disability Community – What We Asked For All Over Georgia!• More transportation options in place in our communities – including more transit.• Better access to these transportation options –you can’t use the options if you can’t get to them – via sidewalks and accessibility features e.g. ramped sidewalks and tactile strips.• Link Transportation Options – use technology-based information system of mobility management – folks then know how to connect and use all of the transportation options in place DO WE LIKE WHAT’S IN THE PROJECT LISTS? “LOOKS GREAT TO US!”
  6. 6. A YES Vote Will Mean:• More choices for your transportation needs• Funds can be used for any transportation purpose, unlike gas taxes – roads & bridges only.• Less Traffic, faster trip times• More Jobs – 10 years of project development, construction, ancillary jobs – an economic engine for Georgia! $19 Billion in direct investment statewide!• Better access to jobs, medical & social trips• More Transportation Options and Choices. Moves us toward a fast, clean, modern transportation system for Georgia.
  7. 7. A “Yes” Vote = These Projects Will Happen!!• Mobility Management Improvements/Coordination (ATL and NW GA R.C.’s)• Continued GRTA Bus service in ATL region (ATL R.C.)• New GRTA van pool and bus service in Forsyth & Coweta (GA Mtns. & 3 Rivers R.C.’s)• Clayton County transit service restored (ATL R.C.)• Athens bus improvements (NE GA R.C.)• Sidewalks in numerous Regional Commission areas (NW, Coastal, ATL, NE, 3 Rivers, Middle GA, SW GA, others)• Coastal GA intercity transit expanded• Rail transit and bus rapid transit leading to rail service throughout ATL region
  8. 8. More Project Examples• Thomasville bus improvements (SW GA R.C.), Jones, Bibb/Macon, Baldwin/Milledgeville transit vehicles acquisition (Middle GA R.C.)• BikePed projects in Dawson, Clarke, Lee, Bulloch, Chatham & many other counties and regional commissions• Augusta (Cent. Sav. River R.C.) transit operations and maintenance support• Chatham/Savannah transit ops and maintenance support & new vehicles (Coastal R.C.)• Brunswick/Glynn County, Long County, Liberty County transit operating and capital funding (Coastal),• Regionwide bridge replacement (Heart of GA/Altamaha R.C.)• Intercity Express Park n Ride Service – Columbus/Muscogee (River Valley R.C.)• RR crossing improvements – Waycross/Ware Co. (So. GA R.C.)• Statewide – numerous local airport improvements
  9. 9. A “Yes” Vote = Local Funds for all Transportation Purposes – Vital to GA Communities’ Mobility• TIA says 75% of total sales tax money is for “regional” projects, 25% of all the region’s funds will be spent by city/county officials for local needs• For ATL this figure is 85%-15%• A discretionary pool of funds for each locality to meet its transportation needs! ___________________________________________________________• These “local” funds divided among all cities and counties within each region on a formula basis spelled out in the TIA law.• These “local” funds can be used for any transportation purpose…SO, if a favorite project isn’t on the regional list, we can still get our local elected officials to put that project on the local list!!• Many areas plan to do county and city maintenance, or improving transit service and accessibility to transit stops – e.g., sidewalks!
  10. 10. A NO vote on July 31 means:• Traffic congestion will worsen: 3 million more residents in metro Atlanta by 2040, many more folks in rest of Georgia.• More toll roads, HOT lanes in urban areas, fewer options for travel.• No new transit projects, transit support, or transportation options in Georgia will be possible• Reliance solely on local property taxes or state general funding for non-road projects, including sidewalk improvements and transit!
  11. 11. More Information?1. Questions and Answers – Early voting started July 9 – Vote early if possible, but VOTE no matter what! – State Fact Sheet - http://www.connectgeorgia2012.com/moreinfo.php – ATL Region Fact Sheet - http://transformmetroatlanta.com/resources/faqs/• Ways to help: – Talk to friends, family, co-workers, etc. – Use Your Social Media – Tell Others! – Phone Banks, Postcards, other volunteer opps