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Good slide, Bad Slide

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Good slide, Bad Slide

  1. 1. Ben loves chicken wings, pizza, ranch, chicken tenders, and burger king. Hisfavorite color is teal. He is in his own one man wolf pack. In hischildhood, many little kids befriended him. He loves to babysit his babycousin, Abby. He plays football. He is capable of consuming more food inone household. Zach Gahlifinaks is his hero. He looks up to him so much.For Christmas this year, he asked for an ipod touch and a dog. His momsaid no do because they are too much responsibility. Ben in 15 years oldand is 9th grade. Blah blah blah. Smurfs are blue. There’s a jungle cat inthe bathroom. I smell bad. So does ben.
  2. 2. •Favorite Foods:Tacos, Chinese, andpizza•Plays football• Is 15 years old•Goes to North EastHigh School