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Lipo laser presentation

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Lipo laser presentation

  1. 1.  Adipose or fatty tissue is the bodys means ofstoring metabolic energy over extended periods of time. Depending on current physiological conditions, adipocytes store fat derived from the diet and liver metabolism or degrades stored fat to supply fatty acids and glycerol to the circulation. These metabolic activities are regulated by several hormones (i.e., insulin, glucagons and epinephrine).
  2. 2. The location of the adipose tissuedetermines its metabolic profile:"Visceral fat" is located within theabdominal wall (i.e., beneath thewall of abdominal muscle) whereas"subcutaneous fat" is locatedbeneath the Skin (and includes fatthat is located in the abdominalarea beneath the skin butAbove the abdominal muscle wall).
  3. 3.  Laser energy from LipoLaser Pores have formed on the adipocytes Adipocytes at rest irradiates adipocytes allowing contents to spill outWater, glycerol and free Fatty Acids More water (blue), Free Fatty Acidsmove out into the interstitial space (green), and Glycerol (purple) spill out Adipocytes significantly reduced in size
  4. 4. The first safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring
  5. 5. The Lapex 2000 LipoLaser was designed to target the Medicaland Aesthetic market, specifically to address Spot Fat Reductionor Girth Loss and Body Contouring. Placebo-controlled,double-blind studies have proven significant girthreduction (greater than one inch in four treatments).Independent doctors combining diet and lifestylecounseling in combination with LipoLaser haverecently reported girth loss as dramatic as19-inches over a period of several months!
  6. 6. This device enables all the efficacy ofliposuction without surgery, pain andlong recovery time. The Lapex 2000LipoLaser is 100% non-invasive, cold,low-level laser (<500mW, Class IIIB).There are no known side effects.
  7. 7. Laser energy safely penetrates patient’sskin at a specific wavelength (630 nm)targeted for Adipose (fat) cells. Adiposecells are permeated releasing Free FattyAcids (FFA’s), Water and Glycerol.Together these compounds are alsoknown as Triglycerides. Triglyceridesare normally released from fat cellswhen the body needs energy.
  8. 8. Once released the Glycerol and Free FattyAcids are used by the body as an energysource. Adipose cells “shrink” significantlyresulting in inch loss for patients. Exerciseor a vibration treatment is recommendedimmediately post LipoLaser treatments toburn FFA’s within the body.
  9. 9.  Multi Probe Multi-Channel Source Laser Diode AlGalnP Type Continuous & Modulated Continuous Wavelength 630nm – 680nm Power 150 mW +/- 20% Modulation 0 – 10Hz Frequency EN Probe 2 Channel Source Laser Diode AlGalnP Type Continuous & Modulated Continuous Wavelength 630nm – 680nm Power 40 mW +/- 20% Modulation 0 – 10Hz Frequency
  10. 10.  LipoLaser is the ideal treatment for all body types, when combined with appropriate level of exercise and a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. LipoLaser mobilizes fatty acids and works synergistically with the bodies natural weight loss mechanisms. LipoLaser treatments give us the advantage of being able to specifically target those troublesome areas and lose inches !! Patients results have variedfrom 1inch to 20+ inches over a period of several daysto several weeks. .
  11. 11. Before The LipoLaser holds the potential to revolutionize the aesthetic market for inch loss and body contouring, and will offer clients a fantastic new non-invasiveAfter alternative to help them meet their goals.
  12. 12. Before Brenda from FloridaAfter “Losing a total of over 19 inches has made me feel so much better in myself and reminded me that it is possible to look great over 40!”
  13. 13.  Before Results after eight 40 minute treatments AfterPhoto Provided by: Stacy J Davies MD
  14. 14. Before After Rachel from Kent “It has made me very happy and given me the confidence to realize that at last, I can now achieve my desired weight and figure in a few months, without surgery! - Reduced a total of 10.2inches!
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