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B2B Growth Hacking Tactics for Lead Generation from Livestorm

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Grab you free webinar here: https://livestorm.co

Livestorm was invited to give a talk about growth hacking talk at the french incubator TheFamily in Paris in June 2016.

We covered:
- How to become an expert in your industry
- How to create content to support that expertise
- Some low-cost growth hacking to automate your lead generation and outreach process.

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B2B Growth Hacking Tactics for Lead Generation from Livestorm

  1. 1. B2B Growth Hacking Tac2cs for Lead Genera2on 07 JUIN 2016 - #LIVESTORMTALKS - EN - 35MIN Gilles Bertaux • CEO @ Livestorm
  2. 2. Gilles Bertaux CEO @LIVESTORMAPP Ex. Growth @ Mention + Designer @ TOTEMS My twitter: @gillesbertaux 🖖
  3. 3. What we’ll cover • Why you have to be legit and how • How to find a good source of leads • How to automate. Wisely.
  4. 4. B2Bs should stop worrying about geEng the word out too soon.
  5. 5. We’re Livestorm. We do browser-based webinars for sales and user training. Click to learn more.
  6. 6. You should care about what’s being said about you instead.
  7. 7. You should (beJer) be an expert on your industry. Be the {{industry}} guy in the room.
  8. 8. A product built by experts > any other product
  9. 9. Hang out with the cool kids. Produce your own content. Get quoted.
  10. 10. Become a webinar expert
  11. 11. How we used Quora. One post a day keeps the doctor away!
  12. 12. How we used Quora. One post a day keeps the doctor away!
  13. 13. How we used Quora. One post a day keeps the doctor away!
  14. 14. 15% clics and 26% conversion on each visit from Quora.
  15. 15. What if I told you could generate content && leads at the same 9me?
  16. 16. Webcasts Live shows Event coverage Live video AMAs Onboarding sessions Webinars Workshops 0
  17. 17. Highest conversion % Lead genera2on scalability Content repurposing Huge amount of data* *When done right!
  18. 18. Ideal workflow is 1h a week. Look for a tool that does the heavy liYing.
  19. 19. Now is the perfect 2me to start building your exper2se.
  20. 20. How to find a public never-ending source of leads.
  21. 21. PROBLEM #1 You are a one man sales && marke9ng && support team. Be smart.
  22. 22. Find a source of leads you can almost automate.
  23. 23. Automationlevel Risk of high volume of crappy leads Sweet spot Too much waste You’re doing it wrong You’re not doing anything
  24. 24. PROBLEM #2 You’re broke.
  25. 25. This is how I picture myself on the Internet lately:
  26. 26. Expensive SaaS marketing tool pricing page #837
  27. 27. DIY marke2ng Poach scripting, low-cost leads enrichment…
  28. 28. Poaching your compe2tors customers. Meet Livestorm’s PoacherBot.
  29. 29. Scrap a public source of leads & fetch the info we need
  30. 30. HTTP request to Zapier web hook & send to spreadsheet
  31. 31. Auto clean the data & generate reach out link
  32. 32. Clearbit is awesome. But you’re broke. Enrich your leads for free.
  33. 33. Meet Mattermark. It has a search engine. 🚀
  34. 34. Yummy data. Yummy data everywhere.
  35. 35. https://mattermark.com/companies/stripe.com 😉👌🤖
  36. 36. =IMPORTXML(https://mattermark.com/companies/DOMAIN.COM;XPATH) Quick version using Spreadsheet
  37. 37. Advanced w/ Wa2r + PhantomJS
  38. 38. Endless possibili2es Host and use an API, enrich CSVs, push as HTTP requests etc.
  39. 39. With great automa2on comes great crea2vity && control.
  40. 40. How to properly automate your reach out process
  41. 41. Automate the process, ease up the profiling.
  42. 42. Comment this webinar on Twitter: #rumblewebinars Enrich a profile and reach out in less than 5 minutes.
  43. 43. javascript:var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); var data = JSON.stringify({ lead: document.domain, title: document.title }); xhr.open("POST", « https://zapier.com/hooks/ catch/XXXX/XXXX/« ); xhr.send(JSON.stringify(data)); alert("Pushed " + document.domain + "to Zapier successfully!");
  44. 44. Spreadsheet processing
  45. 45. =HYPERLINK(«  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/XXX/viewform? entry_2080418920="&IF(ISERROR(F6);"";F6) &"&entry_345377770="&IF(ISERROR(G6);"";G6)&"&entry_17 46975410="&IF(ISERROR(E6);"";E6)&"&entry_1028134012=" &IF(ISERROR(D6);"";D6)&"&entry_1480464520=Technology% 20-%20Software%20%26%20Services";"Push to form")
  46. 46. Push to replyapp.io
  47. 47. 5min workflow. 60min / day = 12 leads / day.
  48. 48. Long story short You should find the right balance between automation, control over your data and time consumption. Don’t lose your focus on the product.
  49. 49. We’re Livestorm. We do browser-based webinars for sales and user training. Click to learn more.
  50. 50. Q: Can I have the slides? A: gilles@livestorm.co Q: Who are you again? Gilles Bertaux (@gillesbertaux)
 CEO @ Livestorm Notre produit : https://livestorm.co