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Stretching: Is It Necessary?

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An examination of the questionable purposes of stretching.

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Stretching: Is It Necessary?

  1. in ; .'; :InI'lrr. I.'mn H" ; n-. ;lIr: ,'. ':, ’uirr'-rill: "II‘pm'i: f: ll" it': 'lZiI'lug Disclaimer: Stretching needs vary based on individual ability, fitness level, type of exercise, presence of injuries, or pre—existing health conditions.
  2. i ll" Frequently Asked Questions I; P Should I stretch? It's recommended. I; Is stretching necessary before every workout? Probably not. I; Will stretching improve my flexibility and overall health? Yes (if done correctly)!
  3. Why Stretching is a Complex Topic Much of the research is contradictory Very few adequate studies have been done There are many misconceptions
  4. Common Stretching ‘ '~ I not little Stretching cold muscles could actually do Stretching reduces soreness more harm than good. Stretching speeds up recovery time Warm—up exercises include things like jumpingjacks and lightjogging.
  5. Types of Stretches and When to Use Them Before a workout: Dynamic Stretching 0 Active 0 Controlled, repetitive movements 0 Increases heart rate before workout 0 loosens muscles 0 Targets several muscle groups at once 0 Moderate Stationary Each movement held for at least 30 seconds Slows heart rate after workout loosens muscles Targets one muscle group at a time Gentle
  6. Alternating leg lunges Squats with an oblique twist Burpees ' ( Alternating leg kicks 1 A
  7. Examples of : ;T Gentle neck pull Cross—body arm stretch Reaching side stretch Runner's lunge I ‘c‘ 1 T‘. ' I‘ _ A
  8. The of Stretching 9 F‘-P Increased flexibility Better posture ‘ 9) 6 Enhanced balance & coordination Improved mental health
  9. ‘ Stretch major muscle groups Hold each static stretch Neck, shoulders, lower back, for at least 30 seconds hips, thighs, hamstrings, calves Breathe normafly Stretch times a week throughout stretches 70' 30 m'"Ute5 each
  10. What NOT To Do When Stretching § Q’ 9 7‘ Ir? 3,3; stfetdl "P fi| '5t Bounce in static stretches 3. 9, Push through stretches that are painful during stretches
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