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Media Studies Work

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Media Studies Work

  1. 1. Pre-production Planning and Research
  2. 2. Cher Lloyd ‘Sticks and Stones’PhotographyThe photography on this album cover is very unique compared to other album covers. The singer is laying on the floorwith her feet up in the air, and behind her she has colourful, bright swirls and hearts. These colourful images behind herare what catches the audience eyes as they are very bright and bold, and grabs their attention.TextThe text on this album cover is very bold. On the top left hand corner of the album there is chers signature logo whichis very bold and has a very girly font, for example a love heart is used for the O for Lloyd. Then on the bottom lefthand corner of the album you have the name of the album in a very simple bold font.Use of colourA lot of colour is used in this album cover, this isto make the album look very bright and bold to catchthe audience attention. Except from the text on thealbum, all the other colours are all very bright colours,like pinks and yellows. This use of the colour is usedbecause it is very eye-catching and bold.Appropriateness for the genre of musicThe album cover is appropriate for the genre of music.Chers music is very popy/ r&b, and the album covershows this. The use of colour on the album covershows the audience the genre of music thatthis album will be, also you can tell by photographythat the genre isnt rock or punk music. You cantell that music is going to be very up-beat anddance like by the bright and bold coloursused on the album cover.
  3. 3. Demi Lovato ‘Unbroken’PhotographyThe photography on this album cover is very simple. There is just a photo of the artist in a posing position. Also thesense of movement is shown on the cover because you can see that the artists hair is blowing in the wind.TextThe text on the album cover is also very simple, however the text still looks bold because it is written in capital lettersand is in a bold colour which will catch the audience attention.Use of colourLimited colour is used on this cover. No bright colours are used,they are all light and dark browns. Using these colours makesthe album look more sutlel and also the use of the colouron the text makes it stand out and look bold.Appropriateness for the genre of musicThe album cover is appropriate for the genre of music.Demi Lovato genre of music is pop, and the albumcover does show this. By the use of the sutelcolours on the album you can tell the artistsings calm pop music, her music isntdance like and very up-beat.
  4. 4. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday ‘Roman Reloaded’PhotographyThe photography on this album is very bright. The artist face is covered in bright coloured paint, which clashes with herbright blonde hair, this clash makes the photography look bold and bright. Behind the singer there is many differentcolours which are blurred out to make the photo of the singer stand out.TextThe text on this album is very bright and bold. The text is in a very girl font, with the colour pink used which shows it isvery girly. The bright colours and bold fonts are very eye-catching and this is why it is used, so it catches the audienceattention.Use of colourA lot of different colours are used in this album cover,to make it look very bright and bold, to catch the audience attention.Nicki Minaj is a very girly artist, so the colour pink is usedalot on the album cover, it is seen on the artists face, behind the artistand also on the text.Appropriateness for the genre of musicThe album cover is appropriate for the genre of music.Nicki Minaj is a hip-hop, dance, pop and r&b artist, and the album covershows this. You can tell by all the colours used in the albumcover that Nicki Minaj music is very pop-like, and will includelots of dance/raving music.
  5. 5. Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange’TextThe text on this album is very simple, however the white text on the orange background makes the text stand out, sothe text looks bold and bright which will catch the audience attention.Use of colourThe main colour of the album cover is orange, this is mainly because the title of the album is called Channel Orange sothe title goes within the album cover. The other colour used on this album is white, the white text stands out on theorange background, it looks very bold and will catch the viewers attention.Appropriateness for the genre of musicFrank Ocean is hip-hop and rap artist. Unless you alreadyhave heard of frank ocean, when you see this albumyou wouldnt really know what time of genre he is.The use of colour on the album cover doesnt show peoplewhat genre the artist is, so it isnt really that appropriate.The only useful thing on the album cover is in the righthand corner of the album it says Parental Advisory, explicit contentthis tells us that the album contains words that small children should nothear, so you can tell that the genre of music isnt right for children bylooking at the album cover.•