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Frappe / ERPNext Open Day October 14

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Summary of activities done by the Frappe / ERPnext

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Frappe / ERPNext Open Day October 14

  1. 1. Open Day October 2014 Frappe / ERPNext Rushabh Mehta
  2. 2. Month of Portals
  3. 3. Community Portal Connecting Users with Service Providers
  4. 4. Community Portal
  5. 5. Service Providers
  6. 6. Jobs
  7. 7. Apps
  8. 8. Self Service
  9. 9. via Web Forms
  10. 10. Knowledge Base
  11. 11. like Blog
  12. 12. with Categories
  13. 13. Other • Merged Shopping Cart into ERPnext (v5) • Visit by Florian Oberhofer • Blog at opensource.com • Attended Product Nation Roundtable (and Blogged)
  14. 14. Next • Sphinx based docs • Updated ERPNext Manual (PDF Version) • Portal for Commercial Support • Verizon 5 Final testing
  15. 15. Thanks!
  16. 16. Open Day October, 2014 Umair Sayyed
  17. 17. Sales
  18. 18. New Customers 11 New Customers
  19. 19. Renewals 10 Renewals
  20. 20. Trials 329 Trials
  21. 21. Support
  22. 22. Support Tickets 329 Support Tickets
  23. 23. Forum 949 Post (Communications)
  24. 24. Sessions Bharat Nishar Nishar Hardware Aymen Burhan Al Madar Dental Services Kamal Abbasi and Sons Mohammed Abbasi Phani Kumar Unified Electronics Vinod/John Joseph Tambourine Live
  25. 25. Community Feedback
  26. 26. This is what I truly appreciate about ERPNext - the support and response time is unbeatable. All your people are extremely helpful. This is especially important once the system is ‘live’ so that no work gets delayed due to problems. Thank you once again. - Priyanka Kaushal Congratulations for your success, you deserve it. The ERPNext product will become the number one worldwide soon, I am sure. From my experience in ERP systems it is the best I implement till now. From my customer relations nobody till now have any bad comment on the product but they all like it and see it as an easy and success tool for their business. I hope you more and more success. - Hisham Farid
  27. 27. Thank-you ... you guys' responsiveness is awesome and the first thing I mention everytime someone asks me what I've been up to (after saying I am working with ERPNext!) - Corrine Claypool I really am enjoying watching this software continue to evolve and I love that I can deal directly with the people who created it. I have been recommending this software to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I really appreciate your help! Keep up the good work! - Andrew Cook, Atlas Flag Firstly i would like to thank the team for the wonderful product - something i had been looking for a long time. - Chetan
  28. 28. The two most important things that are missing are the ability to pull information directly from banks (eliminating entering checks) and the ability to accept credit card payment online for the store. In general, the workflow is just too time consuming for a company just getting started with one or two people. Quickbooks is much simpler, easier to use, and provides basic profit & loss statements. I think your software is more suited to companies with 10 or more employees. - Larry Your efforts to convince me to buy the product was NIL. So I had to leave it. Your policy is we must buy and then only you will support. Unfortunately it was not the policy with us. Anyway I did not experience a good customer support. Anyway thanks. - Dr. Robin
  29. 29. Pull Request sent?… fingers crossed Github ➔ Customer Group ➔ Item wise Taxation ➔ BOM Replace Utility Diff between Upstream and origin Master?? Why Rebase?? -- rm -- latest -- git add -- start Thanks Pratik, Nabin & Ankit Merged… Yeah!!
  30. 30. Knowledge Base ➔ Field Types ➔ Production Planning ➔ Nested BOM ➔ Categorizing Purchase Charges #KB - Please tag Blog ➔ Managing Consumption Taxes in ERPNext
  31. 31. Weekend Support For November
  32. 32. First Week Rushabh Second Week Prakash Third Week Pratik Fourth Week Nabin
  33. 33. Thanks umair@frappe.io
  34. 34. What I have done in, October 2014 nabin@erpnext.com
  35. 35. Stock Reconciliation
  36. 36. Stock Reconciliation Balance quantity frozen for an item on the reconciliation date, even after any back-dated entry. No more adjustment entry (+ and -) to correct balance qty as per reconciliation.
  37. 37. Stock Reconciliation Old vs New Logic Existing Stock Ledger Date Qty Balance Qty Voucher Type 10-01-2014 100 100 Purchase Receipt 12-01-2014 50 150 Stock Reconciliation Another 20 qty received on 05-01-2014 Date Qty Balance Qty Voucher Type 05-01-2014 20 20 Purchase Receipt 10-01-2014 100 120 Purchase Receipt 12-01-2014 50 170 Stock Reconciliation Old Date Qty Balance Qty Voucher Type 05-01-2014 20 20 Purchase Receipt 10-01-2014 100 120 Purchase Receipt 12-01-2014 150 Stock Reconciliation New
  38. 38. Negative Stock Valuation While stock goes into negative, system maintains negative stock value, instead of earlier zero stock value. To book negative stock value, system predicts outgoing rate, based on historical data or price list.
  39. 39. Negative Stock & Perpetual Inventory System now book expenses (CoGS), even if stock goes into negative. Reposted existing vouchers, where expenses were not booked, due to negative stock.
  40. 40. Chart of Accounts Costa Rica USA Honduras Austria UAE India Canada Ecuador Germany Ethiopia Panama Guatemala Thailand Singapore Venezuelan Uruguay
  41. 41. Partial Payment Reconciliation Reconcile any payment entry against multiple invoices. System will split JV entry into multiple rows automatically INV-0023 $ 100.00 INV-0045 $ 250.00 INV-0067 $ 50.00 JV-0123 $ 400.00
  42. 42. Ordered & Requested Qty Refactored the code to calculate ordered and requested qty Requested qty now will always be reduced from the warehouse selected in Material Request, even if different warehouse used in PO
  43. 43. Reports Stock Balance refactored to script reports Minor fixes Stock Analytics & Stock Aging report fixes, due to stock reconciliation changes Sales / Purchase Invoice Trends value Precision issue fixes in Batch-wise balance report
  44. 44. Thank You feedback please…
  45. 45. Open Day October, 2014 Pratik
  46. 46. ● Visited Mukund Overseas w/ Rushabh for Tally integration (on site, yay!) ● Will be done this month with help from Nabin
  47. 47. Believer's Church App ● Developer Support ● Extensive app (68 DocTypes!) ● Went live ● Facing some scaling issues
  48. 48. Spent a day with Indictrans ● Saurabh came over ● Will be releasing three apps ○ LDAP integration ○ Google calendar sync ○ Loyalty management (ERPNext part) ● Suggested better development and deployment practices
  49. 49. Minor Fixes ● Support for separate DB server ● Random Session Expiry issue
  50. 50. Bench [root@benchtest ~]# bash setup_frappe.sh --setup-production DEBUG centos 7 amd64 DEBUG adding centos mariadb repo Installing packages for centos. This might take time... Configuring CentOS services Starting services Adding frappe user Installing frappe-bench Setting up first site Frappe/ERPNext is installed successfully. Frappe password: 1yCGLZiSXvTCokan MariaDB root password: vLmCHuzimhp0LpH3 Administrator password: ZKi2v6al1fSuwiTz
  51. 51. Bench [root@benchtest ~]# bash setup_frappe.sh --setup-production DEBUG centos 7 amd64 DEBUG adding centos mariadb repo Installing packages for centos. This might take time... Configuring CentOS services Starting services Adding frappe user Installing frappe-bench Setting up first site ● New install script ● Minor Features ● Releasing tomorrow Frappe/ERPNext is installed successfully. Frappe password: 1yCGLZiSXvTCokan MariaDB root password: vLmCHuzimhp0LpH3 Administrator password: ZKi2v6al1fSuwiTz
  52. 52. tack
  53. 53. Open Day October 2014 @ankit_javalkar
  54. 54. Bug Squashing
  55. 55. Reports New & Improved
  56. 56. Improved Reports Accounts Receivable
  57. 57. Improved Reports Accounts Payable
  58. 58. Improved Reports Accounts Payable & Receivable ● Commonified the code for both reports ● Added Adjustable Ageing Filters ● Advance Payments now show up in the reports
  59. 59. New Report Customer Credit Balance
  60. 60. New Report Accounts Receivable Summary
  61. 61. New Reports Accounts Receivable Summary ● Calls Class Object of Accounts Receivable Report ● Fetches Customer-wise Accounts Receivable data
  62. 62. Activity Feed Updated
  63. 63. Activity Feed Update Feed when Document is Deleted
  64. 64. Delivered Qty in Sales Cycle Delivery Note: Updating Delivered Qty ● On Submission of Delivery Note; ○ Sales Orders and Sales Invoices are updated with Delivered Quantity and Percentage Billed ○ Delivery Note maintains record of linked Sales order and Sales Invoice in Two separate fields ● Test Cases added
  65. 65. Minor Fixes
  66. 66. Sales Vouchers Customer Shipping Address is fetched Automatically ● Added Address Link Field ● Information is fetched based on Customer Link Field
  67. 67. Gantt Chart Chart Dates are Set same as Project Date
  68. 68. Sales/Purchase Tax Masters Can now be disabled
  69. 69. To-Do List
  70. 70. To Do ● Accounts Payable Summary ● Print Formats for Accounts Receivable/ Payable
  71. 71. Thank You @ankit_javalkar
  72. 72. Open Day October 2014 Prakash Hodage ERPNext by
  73. 73. New Startup Customers
  74. 74. VG London Pvt Ltd.UK Retail vglondon.frappecloud.com Suman Bharti
  75. 75. Innyec. Mexico Manufacturing innyec.frappecloud.com Gilberto Lopez
  76. 76. New Small Business Customers
  77. 77. AM Lab ApS. Denmark Manufacturing am.frappecloud.com Marion Ge
  78. 78. Incertionoss SRL. Italy Manufacturing specialpartner.frappecloud.com Maurizio Bassi
  79. 79. New Enterprise Customers
  80. 80. LARAON Engineers. India Engineering laraon.frappecloud.com Rasika Dhingra
  81. 81. VG London Pvt Ltd.UK Retail corset.frappecloud.com Suman Bharti
  82. 82. Marck Loire Fashion. India Retail marcloire.frappecloud.com Roli Gupta
  83. 83. Zervi Asia Co Ltd. Thailand Textile zervi.frappecloud.com Rada Thawansupasin
  84. 84. Sandpiper Technologies Ltd. Kenya Aviation sandtech.frappecloud.com Thomas Gone
  85. 85. New Commercial Support Customers
  86. 86. K. Lempidakis. Greece Electronics Lemco Costas Lempidakis
  87. 87. Atlas Flags. US Manufacturing Atlas Flags Andrew Cook
  88. 88. New Developer Support Customers
  89. 89. CWT Connector. Germany Manufacturing Michael Wagner
  90. 90. PT. Ridho Sribumi Sejah. Indonesia Trading Antonius Tara
  91. 91. Thank you
  92. 92. Frappe.send_mail(“@pd”,“thanks for the cake!”);
  93. 93. Frappe.send_mail( info@erpnext.com, “thanks for tollerating me !”); #3months@frappe
  94. 94. #Issues Bug - Employee Reports to himself Problem •Validation added to check ensure employee cannot report to himself. • Issue was solved and merged via pull request at #2283
  95. 95. #Issues Error - BOM calculated wrong cost on update cost • Bill of Materials did not update total cost on ‘Update Cost’ after submission. • Issue reproted by Corinne from Real Design was solved and merged via pull request at #2297
  96. 96. #Issues Feature - Fiscal year auto create •New Fiscal Year shall be automatically created 3 days prior to the end of previous fiscal year. • Feature merged via pull request at #2303
  97. 97. #Issues Feature – Production Calender Sync • Start & End date have been added to production order. • Gantt-View & Calender View also added. • Feature merged via pull request at #2312
  98. 98. #Issues Feature – Material Issue added to Material Request • Option to set ‘Material Request Type’ as ‘Material Issue’ added to ‘Material Request’ doctype. • Feature compleated and tested sucessfully but is yet to be merged. ( #2329 )
  99. 99. #Issues Error - function call for Make Payment Entry from SI/PI • Argument for function call for Make Payment Entry from SI/PI were ambiguous. •Worked along with Ankit to fix. • Issue was solved and merged via pull request at #2337
  100. 100. #Issues Error - get_default_cost_center() function • Error was fixed in get_default_cost_center() function. •Worked along with Ankit to fix. • Issue was solved and merged via pull request at #2340
  101. 101. #Issues Error - shopping cart fix • Error in path for files related to shopping cart. • Issue was solved and merged via pull request at #2341
  102. 102. #Issues Error - validate-bom wrong condition • Error in conditions of a function used to validate bom. • Issue was solved and merged via pull request at #2349
  103. 103. #Issues Bug- auto fetch of cost center •Validations were added. • Issue was solved and merged via pull request at #2349
  104. 104. #Issues Feature - POS feature • On submit of an Sales Invoice generated using POS, user gets redirected to a new SI in POS View. • Done so keeping in mind Speed is important for POS. • Feature was solved along with ankit & is compleated but is yet to be merged. ( #2329 )
  105. 105. #Issues Bug - Batch No Not Allowed • Has Batch No was freezed by me last month keeping in Item master if stock entry is made for that Item. • Also validation was added to create new batch. • Issue was faced by Priyanka from Indo Aerospace Solutions & solved along with Nabin. Priyanka left some awsome comments -
  106. 106. #Issues Bug- Requested & Ordered Qty Calculation • Sat with Nabin while he solved this issue. (he codes real fast )
  107. 107. #Working on Feature – Capacity Planning in Production Order • This feature will help users in planning out the production orders. • System will automatically calculate production duration and schedule operations in respective workstation based on availability.
  108. 108. Frappe.assertRaise(“Lots of Pizza Found!”);