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Community Text Message Communications

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Community Text Message Communications

  1. 1. Communicating in the 21st Century A Community Alert and Instant Communication System From
  2. 2. A History of Mass Media 1500’s - Print 1900’s - Recording 1910’s - Cinema 1920’s - Radio 1950’s -Television 1990’s - Internet
  3. 3. The Next Mass Media The Mobile Channel The Mobile Channel Replicates Everything That All Previous Six Mass Media Can Do
  4. 4. On the Mobile Channel People Can: – View Newspapers – Read Magazine Articles and Books – Listen to Podcasts, Radio and Music – Buy/Play Songs and Video Games – Watch Entire Movies But It’s the Addictiveness, Persuasiveness and Sheer Dominance of the Mobile Device That Gives It A Pivotal Position in Our Daily Lives
  5. 5. The Power of Mobile Begins With Its Reach . . . 2X As Many Mobile Devices As TV Sets 3X As Many Mobile Subscribers As Internet Users 4X As Many Mobile Phones As PC’s It’s Digital, Multi-Media Capable, Personal and Interactive . . .
  6. 6. The Mobile Channel Is A Powerful New Medium For Advertising Deepens Relationships – By Finding New Ways to Reach Customers and New Ways to Inform or Entertain Them Delivers New Services – Including Things You Can Only Do (or Would Only Want To Do) On A Mobile Phone Including Location Based Services Demonstrates Your Brand Values –Mobile Campaigns Say You’re Young, Innovative and Customer-Oriented 8 Out of 10 Americans Subscribe to Cell Phone Service – According to the 2007 Transportation Statistics Annual Report, Distributed by the Bureau of Transportation
  7. 7. Who Is Using Text Messaging? 63% of Americans Ages 18 to 27 36% of Americans Ages 28 to 39 50 percent of ALL Users of Text Messaging Are Over the Age of 35 In August 2007 Over 1 Billion Text Messages Were Sent in the U.S. Total Advertiser Spending on Mobile Messaging and Display Ads Will Grow from $1.4 Billion in 2006 to Over $2.9 Billion in 2011
  8. 8. Text Messaging Is One of the Most Effective Ways To Connect with Your Members • Instant Mass Communications - Reach People Wherever They Are – Event Reminders – Community Issues/News – Emergency Communications – Continuing Education • Automated and On-Demand Messages • Generate Revenue with Fundraising
  9. 9. Looking Beyond The Numbers The Vast Potential of the Mobile Advertising Channel Is Due to the Way People Think About and Use Their Mobile Phones •They’re Always On •They’re Always At Hand •They’re Always Personal •They’re Rarely Shared Cell Phones Are Like Keys and Wallets – 80% of Americans Keep Their Mobile Phone Within Arm’s Reach – 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days a Week
  10. 10. Mobilize Your Advertising Connect Everyone To Everything! • Extends Advertising Communications Beyond Traditional Media • Instant - Encourages Immediate Action Rather Than Waiting Until Your Potential Target Gets to A Computer. – If They Remember. • Target Specific Audiences - Even Target Groups Within Groups • Immediate - Granular Information About the Response To Your Marketing Campaigns In Real Time • Reach Audiences Wherever They Are, Even If They Aren’t Mobile • Works Across All Media - Leverage other media with a Mobile Call to Action on Billboards, Radio and TV Ads, Print Ads etc, So Passers-By Get Info on the Spot
  11. 11. Marketing To Generation Y A Generation That Rivals the Baby Boomers In Size – – And Will Soon Rival It In Buying Clout! • Inherently Mobile • Think Of Mobile Technology As the First Screen not the Third • Would Rather Text Than Email or Call
  12. 12. Driven By Convenience, Connectivity and A Healthy Work-Life Balance Generation Y: • Influences Almost Half of All Spending in the U.S. Economy • Represents 30% of Today’s Population • 35% Already Earn Above $75,000 • $1.6 Trillion in Earning Power
  13. 13. Extend Your Advertising and Marketing Campaigns to the Mobile Phone Screen • Fast—Your Marketing Arrives Within Seconds • Immediate – Change Message Details & Connected Online Content Instantly, Anytime - Great For Perishable Items and Offers • Long Lasting – Received Communications Remain On Phone Until Deleted— Nothing to Keep Up With Like Paper Communications • Viral – Messages Can Be Easily Forwarded • Convenient – Inform/Remind Your Customers of Events, Specials, and Product Announcements and Industry “Tips” Via Their Mobile Phone • Effective – Generates Far Better Response Rates than Direct Mail at a Fraction of the Cost
  14. 14. The Potential Buyer Simply Texts a Short 1-Word Code Found on the Real Estate Signage and Other Marketing Materials to A 5 Digit Number . . .
  15. 15. . . . Within Seconds The Buyer Immediately Receives Back Property Information and A Link to Photos and Additional Information The Listing Information Is Saved To The Buyer’s Cell Phone For Easy Retrieval
  16. 16. Use The Technological Advantage At the Exact Moment The Buyer Is Looking At The Property, The Seller and the Advertiser Both Receive The Buyer’s Cell Phone Number For Follow-Up Agent or Property Owner’s Mobile Phone Advertiser’s Mobile Phone
  17. 17. Benefits To The Seller Don't Lose a Potential Buyer Due To No Flyers - Even Market Properties That Don’t Allow Signage Such as Condos, and High Rises. Connect Instantly with “Today’s” Buyer – Generation X & Y (age 18-43) Are the Majority of First and Second Time Property Buyers. They Use Text Messaging Every Day and Prefer Mobile Communications. Real-Time Statistics on Every Listing – Know How Many People Are Truly Interested In Your Property. Environmentally Friendly – 100% Paperless Marketing Solution Does Not Get Lost or Misplaced Like Paper Flyers.
  18. 18. Dramatically Improve Lead Capture and Conversion Rates All Your Listings Readily Available to Potential Buyers Send Your Listings Directly To Your Buyers Mobile Phone Start A Dialogue With New Buyers Instantly
  19. 19. Automatic Messaging Recurring Messages Such As A Rent Reminder Notices Can Be Set Up So That The Messages Are Sent Automatically At Preset Times and Dates Messages Can Be Set To Automatically Keep Sending Until The Resident Has Paid Their Rent . . . You Set the Frequency Once a Day, Once An Hour . . . Easy Payment Options Available With Click To Call Option - With the Click of A Button, The Tennant Is Connected To A Payment System Payment Can Be Made By Debit/Credit Card or Checking Account Draft
  20. 20. Schedule Community Events Publish Events on A Public Calendar on Your Website and Visitors Can Easily Schedule Reminders For Themselves Local Events Important Dates Calls To Action Fundraising
  21. 21. Communicating With Your Members Is Fast – Within Seconds Your Members Will Get Your Message and Read It Wherever They Are Text Messages Are Read Within 50 Minutes, Emails Can Take Up to 2 Days* *Mobile Marketing Association
  22. 22. On-Demand/Automatic Distribution of Information . . . • Text For . . . Information, Coupons, Surveys, Games, Etc. - The potential customer sees your advertising on your marketing materials and texts the 1 word code that you advertise to a 5 digit number or calls a local or toll free number and immediately receives information sent to their mobile phone. Instantly the potential customer gets what they want and the merchant receives the potential customer’s cell phone number for future follow up. • Bulk Text Messaging Programs – Merchants are able to send a mobile coupon, product info, offers, incentives etc to interested and qualified consumers who have signed up to receive their promotions. Send trackable coupons to your clients, then send follow- up offers to those that did or did not respond to the offer directly to their mobile phone. • Text to Win - Run contests and promotions. Particularly useful in generating awareness around new products and services and building opt-in lists. • Text to Vote - Collect the opinion of your customers in real time through interactive polling and voting. Get instant feedback from conferences, speeches, ad campaigns, and audiences.
  23. 23. Security . . . - Ability to Reach • Instant Mass Notification People Wherever They Are - Distribute an emergency alert to thousands of mobile devices in an average of one minute. To send an alert using a voice based phone dialer to the same group takes hours. • - Subscribers receive Pushed Information notifications without doing anything, unlike flipping through TV stations, turning on a radio or operating a computer. • Easy to Administer and Use - When emergencies happen, communications may be down. Launch an alert from any web browser or mobile phone instantly, or schedule messages to be sent at a certain date and time.
  24. 24. Turn Traditional Media Into A Direct Response Vehicle Action Accountability Allegiance • Captures the Attention of Mass-Audiences in Real Time • Returns Consumer Leads With Measurability • Opt-in Leads to Ongoing Permission Based Marketing with Individuals
  25. 25. Pricing • Communications/Marketing Model – Sold on A Volume Basis Per Message Rates Range from $0.25 Per Message to $0.10 Per Message Depending on Volume. Setup Fees Depending on Program. • Advertising Model – FREE Ads Are Sold On a Cost Per Hundred (CPH) Basis ($50 and Up ) and Varies Depending On the Content Channel and the Volume. Setup Fees May Apply.
  26. 26. Revenue Opportunities Ad Revenues Ads Are Sold On a Cost Per Hundred (CPH) Basis (Ranging From $50 and Up ) and Varies Depending On the Content Channel and the Volume. 10% Rebate on All Advertising Fundraising Opportunities Alumni Sponsorships, Contests, Ringtones Giveaways, Donations, Information, Links, and More
  27. 27. What Is Text Message Advertising? Advertising On High Quality User-Requested Text Message Content • High Visibility • Ad Is Saved On the Consumers Phone • Geo/Interest Targeted Campaigns • No Investment In Mobile Infrastructure • Campaigns Work On All Major Carriers • Highly Receptive and Responsive Audience
  28. 28. Break Through The Clutter Of Today’s Multi-Media Information Age • Advertisers – Connect With Your Targeted Audience • Agencies – Interact With Consumers On the Go • Brands – Exposure to Key Demographics • Businesses – Acquire and Engage Mobile Users
  29. 29. Expose your Brand To The Mobile Audience Mobile Campaign Types • Click To Call - Use a text message to prompt the user to connect to your call center with the click of a button. Sell products and collect payment via automated response. • Click To Web - Sell mobile products, bring users to a branded mobile web site, offer additional information instantly. Deliver video to more sophisticated devices. • Click To Locate - Bring customers to your door. offer retail and service locations, promote holiday sales or special events, target impulse buyers. • Click To Menu - Invite users to interact with your brands in a variety of ways. Seek longer interaction with consumers. Offer voting, sweepstakes, contests. downloads, coupons, links and more.
  30. 30. Attract The Attention of the Consumer at the Moment They Are Most Likely to React To Your Call To Action • Users Accept Advertising - Users are willing to accept mobile advertising in exchange for FREE content • Relevance Is Paramount - Relevant ads inserted into opt-in or requested content are effective and memorable • Build Trust With Your Customers - MMT’s strict opt-in (non-SPAM) policies gives credibility to your alumni • Be Obvious - Subtlety is NOT effective. An unclear or hard to notice call to action will get lost
  31. 31. Increased Advertising Frequency Leads to Increased Results The Mobile Channel Offers The Opportunity To Increase Impressions Through Consumer Interaction
  32. 32. The Interactive Nature of Text Messaging Compels Consumers To Respond to Text Advertising Immediately Upon Reading It Teaser Ad - Full Length Ad - Consumers receive alerts or Users reply to your teaser ad and communications they requested receive a full length message along with your teaser ad. Up to containing a WAP link, phone 25% of the total message. number, coupon, store locator, or other call to action.
  33. 33. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE MARKETING It’s Finally Here “Pull” Advertising - Banner ads placed on mobile websites create a sense of urgency and value to build demand and win immediate sales
  34. 34. Advertising Is Most Effective Where Consumers Are Most Receptive Text Messaging Is One of the Most Effective Ways To Stay Connected Since August 2007 Over 1 Billion Text Messages Were Are Sent Monthly in the U.S. Total Advertiser Spending on Mobile Messaging and Display Ads Will Grow from $1.4 Billion in 2006 to Over $2.9 Billion in 2011
  35. 35. Advertising Opportunities Text Message Advertising - Banner Advertising - Advertise to Advertise on text messages as the users of your site and gain they get sent out to your additional revenue opportunities. members on a daily basis - Up to 25% of the message. Mobile Banner Advertising - a great way to attract users attention on mobile devices and redirect them to mobile landing pages.
  36. 36. It’s Not About The Technology . . . . . . It’s About The Habit
  37. 37. ... And What's the One Thing People are Carrying Through All Their Life Stages? Their Mobile Phone!