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Delivering value from
operations that
enables business
to take a leap
and sustain
the cost
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Mindtree IMS Secret Sauce (Fact sheet)

Value delivered as part of our IMS Offering - Infrastructure Managed Services. We deliver services with a difference. This is what makes it.

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Mindtree IMS Secret Sauce (Fact sheet)

  1. 1. Delivering value from operations that enables business to take a leap and sustain the cost predictable YARDSTICK Measuring our service delivery and quality to the industry best standards and good practices EXPERTISE-LED Technology expertise, coupled with right process and challenging environment allows us to focus on doing more with less E BUSINESS ALIGNED SLA BAlways connect with the big picture, and provide a deep dive connect from business - process - applications - infrastructure VALUEOPS WIN-WIN-WIN Our services are delivered with passion and enthusiasm in ensuring customers' customer success coupled with people satisfaction APPLISTRUCTURE ASSUMED OWNERSHIP Owning the incidents and problems irrespective of the source, until appropriate closureA CLOUD Ensuring that from chip to cloud, what it takes to keep the services running across 24 x 7 x 365 CDIGITAL DevOps In the ever changing consumer driven economy, ensuring that the time to market is reduced significantly. Providing the opportunity to fail fast and fail cheapD NEW NORMAL Avoiding people dependency delivering individual independent service delivery By focusing on automation, instrumentation and orchestration, we commit efficiencies in operations IMPULSE Getting a complete pulse of infrastructure management F N FUNGIBLE Integrated front-line, fungible cross-skilled level 2, and subject matter expert level 3 forms the tiers of support GOVERNANCE Operational, relationship, executive council are three different levels of governance to manage the services with right measures to manage past, present and futureG I O JOURNAL Being able to record every single action leveraging ENACT to trace back actions, academia and audit trail KJ KNOWLEDGE -CENTERED DELIVERY LLEARNING continuously learning from the past experience, remediation and applying it to avoid an incident in the first place MWATCH Our integrated service delivery platform that combines remote monitoring framework and service management In the era of the SMAC + phygital world, with blurring lines between technology domains, keeping the lights on and leading the business from front OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY H M We leverage our suite of elite hosting partners including cloud service providers to provide an end-to-end managed services for your digital enterprise HOSTING + HOUSING P PREDICTABLE COSTS We pride in our ability to provide predictable costs and transfer the anticipated productivity and efficiency gains derived over years as tangible dollar in return Q QUALITY ASSURANCE Delivering highest quality of services, assured by 100% compliance with security, statutory and regulatory controls R REFERENCEABILITY 95% of our engagements / customers are referenceable, and value the relationship as a true partnership SSUPPORT MODELS To meet and match the demands of business, we offer dedicated managed services or shared services powered by MWatch TTRANSFORM Adapting bleeding edge technology and paradigms to maximize business benefits and deliver an accelerated reduction in total cost of ownership UNIFIED SLAs U Focus on key, critical and strategic performance indicators resulting in a single end-to-end SLA, delivering services within the first quartile of SLA hour V WCreating an environment wherein customers' customer wins, IT wins, Mindtree wins, and the expert wins XTENSIVE XHaving the required length and breadth to cover the enterprise IT needs Y Z ZEAL