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Coca Cola Facebook Strategy

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  • None. This was my analysis on CocaCola's facebook strategy for a school project. I hope I did not imply that I am working for CocaCola.
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  • What is your relationship to CocaCola?
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Coca Cola Facebook Strategy

  1. 1. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani rvnrahul@gmail.com vrani10@schulich.yorku.ca Consumer Behaviour MKTG 6150A 211156254Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  2. 2. Media Channels Today Media Channels for a long time had been limited to Owned & Paid Media. With the advent of Social Media Channels, Brands have the option of Earned media and Shared Media.There are numerous media channels available to both companies and the consumer Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  3. 3. Social Media LandscapeThe Social Media Landscape is Overwhelming and is expanding everyday. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  4. 4. Social Media & Influence Shared & Earned Media are the most trusted and most influential and every brand tries to maximise its presence in these channels. To Influence consumers, a level of engagement is necessary that requires Brands to convert Owned Media into Shared Media. However it depends on the business & the brand to either be a community based channel or a promotion based channel. (Channels ie Facebook Pages)Its more important to be in the trusted information channel rather than being omnipresent. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  5. 5. Starbucks Social Media Campaign Background: Starbucks has changed the world of coffee shops - not just in the US but around the globe. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  6. 6. Starbucks Social Media CampaignStrategy:  Social media is about engagement. Through existing sites and new.  Starbucks created their site “My Starbucks Idea.” to allows users to submit suggestions to be voted on by Starbucks consumers, and the most popular suggestions are highlighted and reviewed. Starbucks then took it a step further and added an “Ideas in Action” blog that gives updates to users on the status of changes suggested.Result: By empowering their exceptionally web savvy consumer, Starbucks strengthens their campaign to add a personal touch to coffee. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  7. 7. Starbucks Social Media Campaign My Starbucks Idea. Ideas that have been implemented range from free WiFi at the stores to Splash sticks to new Flavours of beverages. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  8. 8. Starbucks Social Media CampaignStrategy:  Starbucks in the US launched a “Free Pastry Day” campaign, an event page on Facebook and there were more than 600,000 confirmed ‘attendees’ to the event!  The news were spread all over Facebook through sharing and automatically triggered co-promotion for the brand / event.  They started the promotion with their fans, At that time, Starbucks had about 3.6 million fans and the news were automatically shared across the network, because the fans were excited.Result: Starbucks gave their fans a reason to follow them. The reward? 200,000 new fans on its facebook page. 200,000 new prospective loyal customers. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  9. 9. Starbucks Social Media Campaign High Customer Engagement on facebook Location based loyalty promotion through foursquare Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  10. 10. Starbucks Social Media Campaign High level on consumer engagement – Starbucks customers for an active and passionate Tribe. Starbucks enjoys customer loyalty through engagement. The customers form an important part of the community. The dialogue online is interactive rather than one sided. The Channels are used for engagement rather than promotion. Location based promotion incentivises Tribal Behaviour. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  11. 11. Starbucks Social Media Campaign Bottom Line 70.000 suggestions from Starbucks clients The top idea received 95,000 votes and over 1,000 comments Starbucks has over 1,7 million fans on Facebook The fans on Facebook mostly use engaging applications such as the event calendar, discussions and notesThe interactive integration of users in the marketing efforts and productdevelopment is a perfect social media showcase. It helps to save cost (i.e market research) and increases the loyalty of Starbucks’ customers. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  12. 12. Coca Cola Social Media CampaignBackground  Page was created by Fans Dusty and Michael, but Coca- Cola made it official, keeping the creators in control.  Coca-Cola Tab (Landing Tab) – Below the Tab graphic, the viewer is invited to follow the brand on Twitter, Myspace, YouTube and Flickr.  Fan Highlights Tab – Photos of snowmen with Cokes in hand, and of old Coca-Cola delivery trucks.  Photos Tab – 11,038 photos by Fans and 28 albums from company. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  13. 13. Coca Cola Social Media CampaignStrategy: “The most effective strategy to drive revenue for a business is to build the community, earn members’ trust and delicately ask for their permission to market your services”, Seth Godin. Coca Cola Embeds within the community. The page that was created by its fans was made official while letting the creators retain control. The page doesn’t just listen but it gets the community involved. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  14. 14. Coca Cola Social Media Campaign Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  15. 15. Coca Cola Social Media CampaignResults  High customer engagement.  Consumer tribes believes in sharing.  The community is well defined.  36,076,629 fans on Facebook.  Social Mention shows a 32% passion and a 10:1 sentiment towards the brand. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  16. 16. Coca Cola Social Media Campaign User Generated Pictures & Promotion Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  17. 17. Starbucks | Coca Cola  Owned by fans. Owned by Starbucks  Is promotion driven with Is community driven. engagement built in. Location based.  Cannot be location based Rewards customer tribes. promotion. Engages customers at a higher  Cannot offer discounts to level. consumers. Encourages customers to create  Engages consumers to share content for marketing and pictures, videos and opinion. operations.  Consumer tribe trust this page because of its creators and their Gratifies customers by non association with Coca Cola. implementing their ideas  Promotes the brand of Coca globally. Cola through customer experiences. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  18. 18. Coca Cola Facebook Strategy Coca Cola is not a chain of stores providing service like Starbucks. It cannot be completely community driven. Coca Cola is limited by its interactions with customers through the product alone, while Starbucks interacts on many levels. This limits the engagement TCCC can offer. The tribe on facebook are enthusiastic advocates of the brand and it should be engaged on facebook. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  19. 19. Recommendations Coca Cola should understand its limitations of not being in the service industry and try to engage the consumer with this handicap. It should not be looking at matching Starbucks or similar community driven fan pages and marketing strategy as the consumers do not have a major impact on the product. However a high level of engagement is required by the consumers to promote the brand and create a tribe of fans. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)
  20. 20. Recommendations Promotion based but Community based Promotion based engages Community Coca Cola should maximize the promotional based social media marketing while engaging the consumers at events and encouraging them to interact with the brand (page) to a high extent. Venkata Naga Rahul, Rani (211156254)