Intro to Whole Brain® hackathons
Herrmann International il y a 7 ans
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Perry Hewitt il y a 8 ans
Big Data Science with H2O in R
Anqi Fu il y a 9 ans
Dazzing Data Depiction with D3.JS
Eric Carlisle il y a 8 ans
Avatar 2.0
David Delabassee il y a 8 ans
Project Avatar (Lyon JUG & Alpes JUG - March 2014)
David Delabassee il y a 8 ans
Organizational culture and Adoption of Change
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NLTK in 20 minutes
Jacob Perkins il y a 11 ans
Spark and shark
DataWorks Summit il y a 10 ans
Design - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!
Ethinos Digital Marketing il y a 8 ans
Making Effective Slides
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