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Startup Marketing Strategy - Case Study

Startup marketing requires wearing a lot of hats. This startup marketing strategy case study explores building and launching a corporate brand from the ground up for a digital media startup serving financial services.

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Startup Marketing Strategy - Case Study

  1. 1. Ryan Ruud // Portfolio Digital Strategy  Marketing  PR
  2. 2. Result150 StartUp Brand Strategy
  3. 3. Situation Result150 StartUp Brand Strategy • Funded digital media startup serving credit union industry • No corporate brand contemplated or budgeted, only product conceived Goal • Internally build a B2B brand and establish presence in credit union industry while also building and launching product. Methodology • Keyword research, primary research with investors and BoD, competitor research, PPC tests, A/B tests of landing pages, Google Analytics Dashboard development and maintenance
  4. 4. Result150 StartUp Brand Strategy Key findings: • Market and even some investors still unclear of company’s purpose. • Contrary to experience, SEM was not the most viable channel for paid media. • Active market in social media. • Search for industry keywords offered opportunity to rank. • Industry loves educational content.
  5. 5. Result150 StartUp Brand Strategy The strategy • Company name selected with story on the genesis of the company. • LinkedIn would be our primary paid channel to conserve cash and maximize reach. • Content marketing would be the core of our inbound strategy. – With heavy focus on growing social media attention of those in the industry who are engaged. • Beyond company updates PR would be focused on engagement, sharing POV. • Google Dashboard built to monitor KPIs and adjust strategy based on key findings.
  6. 6. Built site on WordPress. Launched in 14 days. http://bit.ly/1vSXDh9
  7. 7. Monthly pillar content pieces to drive inbound marketing. http://bit.ly/1 zL2PnE
  8. 8. Promoted via paid and shared media
  9. 9. Earned media to rapidly grow awareness and saturate industry press.
  10. 10. Weekly email newsletter built from the ground up to average a 48.2% open rate and 7.3% click through rate.
  11. 11. Result150 StartUp Brand Strategy Results Launched in about 2 weeks including creative, web, social and email. Within the first quarter following launch • More than 200 opportunities filled the sales & marketing pipeline representing ~3.3% of market • Estimated reach of social, paid and PR presented result150 brand to nearly 25% of market • Page 1 organic rank for several industry searches • ~ 6% site wide conversion rate at result150.com • Towards an optimized media spend • Coverage in 50% of major trade publications
  12. 12. About Ryan Ruud Ryan Ruud is a Minneapolis, MN based digital strategy, marketing and PR business leader and consultant. For more visit http://ryanruud.com