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Women suffarage

this is an essay based on the idea of the women suffrage movement

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Women suffarage

  1. 1. Before the 1920s American women were not given their full rights. Women couldnot vote, right to speech, right to property, and the list goes on. This continuousdomination by men then provoked womens internal voice which then lead to acontinuous event of rebellious movements for decades. Throughout the history ofman kind men have always been seen as the more "dominant" gender within thehuman species, which is nothing but a bias perception that our society depicts. Partof mens nature is to discriminate and seclude those we do not agree with, andbecause men can be so easily persuaded ones falsity can turn into the fact of themajority.As we all seen, the history of African Americans are not so different from what wecan obtain from Women rights. Both fight for freedom and liberty in not just forbasic human rights, but equality. We are not in liberty of our own identities wetherits our race or our environment, therefor one should not be judged by their looks,but by their inner self. Africans have been discriminated and underrated due totheir darker skin color and for that they have developed to be stronger and tougherthen any other race on this earth. Slavery has taught them not to lose faith andnever to look down. To always keep your head up and despite the vulgarities ofothers and keep on walking on that rocky road is the spirit that has been passeddown for centuries. It is for their efforts that man kind has realized the dilution thathas been set by those biases within us.Religious reasons also have a major correlation with the women suffragemovement. Women have been considered a minor in front of men especially in themain world religions we see nowadays. As I can recall in the land of Thailandwhere Buddhism plays a significant role in their culture, women are not allowed toenter sacred lands and are not allowed to preach with monks which in the culture isconsidered very important. Buddhas philosophy has lead men to exclude womenin a culture so strongly that one can be punished if rules are violated. On the otherhand Catholics do not allow women be play the role as a priest or a pope because
  2. 2. god said so. Almost all religions are as realistic as the others, but it is because ofthe realization of the misconception of women our world has now become moreglobalized through the vision of women.Lastly males themselves are physically more capable to working than a females.Though men are physically reliable, but the possibilities to their brains are nobetter then what a female can offer. Women have been seen as the bottom ofsociety for the past centuries, but because of modernization and globalization wehave excepted the fact that women are as equal as men, and the world offers sameopportunities there are to man now to women. There is no such thing as a job thatcan only be taken by men, as long as you are willing to work hard anyone canmake any position.A side of our human nature forces us to discriminate those we do not disagree with.This is where the form of racism, sexism, and issues originate. But on the otherhand there is another side of human nature that teaches us to be accepting andcompassionate. There everyone is equal and no one is being judged for how theylook, but their internal self that they present to the world. Each being is like a book,it can come in all different shapes and colors, but until you fully understand thepurpose and meaning of the book you can never foresee the possibilities withinthose books are.