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Complete dd ex5

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Complete dd ex5

  1. 1. A. Who is the Chairperson of the company? How does he/she manages the business? What are the different assignments that he/she takes care off? How does he/she coordinates with other members in the company? (100 words minimum). The Chairperson of or company is Yu Waragai. Because she is a representative in our company, it is necessary to manage everything like the development of results of operations and the product of the entire company etc. she should be take care off sensitive of the fashion of the world. The reason for the final decision on the product is because that she does. Her judgment grasps the future of our company. And, she should talk with the employee like the financial health, the management method, the advertisement, and a product, etc. The conception is limited in the idea of one sis person. It is likely to become a better company by taking a lot of employees' ideas. It is likely to be able to unite by planning by all members of the staff. B. How would you help customers choose your product? Discuss different strategies that you would like to adopt. Discuss the quality of your products and why it is worth buying? (100 words for all parts combined) I think about the plan to think that it thinks about various designs to make the customer choose my product or there is obtaining for the customer. It might be an important thing for people because it is machine that connects the person and the person. A different strategy is a method of sales promotion. The thing that the entertainer of the vogue is using will come to want it recently. Therefore,the entertainer of the vogue is connected with the contract now, and it advertises it to the entertainer. It writes it in the bulletin board of the net as other methods. C. Discuss a definite discount or promotion for your products that will help to sell your products better? How should the customer take advantage of this offer? (100 words for all parts combined)
  2. 2. It is likely to be able to discount it as much as possible if coming directly to the shop when our product is bought. Therefore, the customer can offer directly to the clerk. It is necessary to discuss to raise sales of the company, and it is necessary to ask the customer the opinion by the questionnaire.It becomes the profit of the company by doing so, and a better product will be completed. D. How are the products packaged? Is there a warranty for the products? How should the customer contact you if there are problems or questions about the product after it is sold? (100 words for all parts combined) To obtain the customers' interest, the product of our company is gaily packaged. Even if it is the lowest, the guarantee will be put for five years to mend when our product breaks down. There are some methods of contacting to our company if the problem happens after the customer buys the product. It makes the homepage on the Internet, and makes the column that can be reported there. Moreover, customer's doubt can be answered by setting up the call center that can correspond for 24 hours. E. Is there any installment plan for the products you sell? Is cash / cheque / credit cards acceptable? If a customer has financial difficulties, how could you help him/her buy your products? (100 words for all parts combined) We'll set price of our product little expensive. So, we'll enable customers to pay on installment plan for our product. Also, we'll accept customers to pay by cash and credit cards. In addition, we think that selling cheaply our product of old model. Also, we think that selling our product of new model as cheap as possible with conditions.
  3. 3. F. Is there a customer service representative? What is his / her role in the company? Identify 5 different ways that he/she might help the customer? (100 words for all parts combined) We'll make 3~4 people as customer service representative. His or her role is to consult with customer about trouble our products and another problem. He or she might help the customer by telephone and talking directly to customers, using e-mail. Also, We think that customer service representative go to solved problem customers ' house directly.