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  1. 1. How has technology changed the way we conduct business Week#6 Homework
  2. 2. A last information technology generation's communication •  It depended on the connection means of hearsay. •  The signal by smoke or a votive light was used.
  3. 3. The bad point of the above- mentioned technology •  If transfer distance becomes long, accuracy will fall. •  Huge capital investment and time are required. •  The contents which can be told have big restriction.
  4. 4. Telegraphic communication •  Morse code(1844, Samuel Morse) •  Teletype terminal
  5. 5. Machine calculation technology •  Gear type computer (The prototype of an automatic computer ) •  ENIAC which is the first computer is developed.
  6. 6. Digital information communication •  ARPAnet was made. (1960~) •  A mobile phone starts service. (1980~) •  Mobile communications began to prosper.
  7. 7. Economic change •  The course of communication of information changed. •  Information came to be asked more for value. •  International connection became large.
  8. 8. Future technology and change of business •  Technology will continue development and it will expand economic magnitude greatly. •  The information in the world comes to arrive in real time with a personal digital assistant, and competition in a market will intensify.