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5+ index cards a day

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Quantified Self - tracking index cards

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5+ index cards a day

  1. 1. { 5+ Index Cards a Day What do I think about? How much do I share? Sacha Chua (sacha@sachachua.com) – sach.ac
  2. 2. What I did 136 index cards (~8/day) Jan 2-18 70 included in blog drafts (51%)
  3. 3. How I did it: spreadsheet (with a little help from a Flickr metadata downloader)
  4. 4. What I learned 5+ index cards
  5. 5. What I learnedBursts of topics
  6. 6. What I learned Variety
  7. 7.  Index cards are easy to deal into piles  Pile growth = information  Stuck thoughts  Bleah topics  Missing chunks  Can’t think of a bigger question Planning to continue with index cards, although organization is starting to be challenging sacha@sachachua.com Other things I’ve learned