How to draw a presentation

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27 Feb 2012

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  1. How to draw a presentation even if you can draw only stick figuresSacha Chua –
  2. Why sketch?Sketching forces you to pick your core ideas. (It’s hard to draw everything!)Sketches help avoid death by bullet-point.Sketching can be easier than finding just the right stock photo. (Especially when you’re looking for something that hasn’t been overused.)Sketching lets you organize your thoughts more freely.Sketching is fun!But I can’t draw…
  3. It’s okay even if you’re not an artist.There are many simple ways to draw.You don’t even have to draw people.Okay, but how do I start?
  4. Plan. Figure out the topics you want to cover. Make a storyboard. Make rough sketches of possible slides.Draw. Paper + camera or scanner; tablet or tablet PC; …I like using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Inkscape, or the GIMP. Find a way that works for you!3. Put it togetherCopy the images into your favourite presentation program (or present live!)Add hidden text or speakers’ notes for search & accessibility.Add hyperlinks by drawing in a different colour, then adding a transparent hyperlinked box over that part of your image.4. Share: Share your slides, do a web cast, even share your screen!
  5. Look at other people’s presentations, sketchnotes, and graphic organizers for even more ideas.
  6. Have fun, and happy sketching!Sacha Chua,