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Post production editing

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Post production editing

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Post production editing

  1. 1. Post Production Editing 1. AfterrecordingmyadvertI putmy audiointoReaper.I thenstartedtoeditthe recording. My recordingisroughly34-36 secondslongaftercuttingparts out of it , to make it sound better. 2. I thenput mymusicinto Reaper andstartedto place my musicwithmyrecording.The musicI was havingformy advertwasthe original Pokémonthemesong.
  2. 2. 3. Afterputtingmymusicintoreaperwithmyrecording, thisishow I decidedtohave it placed.Ichose thisso the music playedslightlyafterthe voice actorstartedspeaking.
  3. 3. 4. Whenhavingeverythingeditedandplacedthe wayIwantedto, I putmy soundeffectsinto reaperaswell.The soundeffectIwasusingfor a small part of my advertwas a chistmas sleighbell soundeffect,because myadvertisbasedaroundchristmastime. 5. Thisis howI had mysoundeffect,recordingandmusicplaced,in orderforthe soundeffect to playbefore anythingelse.Thissetthe Christmasmoodformyadvert, before the voice actor evenstartedtalking.
  4. 4. 6. I thenhad to start listeningtoall of my audiotogether,and startedcuttingmy soundeffect downbecause itwasa large file andIonlyneededasmall part of it. 7. Thisis whatthe projectlookedlike afterIhadnow cut downmy soundeffect,aswellasthe audio.
  5. 5. 8. AfterlisteningtowhatI had producedsofar I decidedthatIwanted to cut the smallestpart of the Pokémontheme songoff because itwasslightlytoolong,butthenIstill wantedthe musicto playuntil the endof the voice actorspeakingandthisiswhat itlooked like. 9. I thendecidedtocut more of the sleighbellsoundeffectoff ,justenoughforitto play before the musicformy advertstartedto play,andat the beginningof myadvert,the sound effectisplayedroughlyfor6secondsduringmyadvert.
  6. 6. 10. Thiswhat myfinal editingof myadvertlookslike ,aftercuttingandplacingeverythinginthe wayI wanted, for itto soundprofessional.