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The Future Of Horse Racing

Submitted by Winston of Gathering the Wind (http://blackwatchholdings.blogspot.com/)

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The Future Of Horse Racing

  1. 1. The Future of Horse Racing
  2. 2. Instead of rearranging deck chairs 1. Appoint a commissioner with real powers. 2. Create one racing jurisdiction. 3. Progressively punitive fines for rules violations. 4. Lifetime ban after 3rd offense. 5. Open betting from any ADW. 6. Reduced take-out. Market That!
  3. 3. If you really must move furniture around Step 1: Look up definition of fan
  4. 4. Keeping horses around longer Disincentive for early breeding; Jockey Club rules change. Improved purse structure for older horses. Triple Crown for older horses. (Sponsorship) Added monies for entry by prior 3yo TC runner. Portion of 3yo stakes purse is reserved contingent on making start as 4yo. If 3yo does not start as 4yo those monies added to 4yo purse.