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Comsense Company Profile

  2. out Us Comsense Consulting Comsense is a global company spec Strategy and Execution services with i b d k ti f S l E bl Connected Marketing inbound marketing for Sales Enablemen Customers benefit from our deep knowl Marketing Services & approach th successfully navigate increasing time-t achieve breakthrough performance. cializing in Marketing h a primary focus on t We help clients to:  Develop strategy  Id tif d t k tnt. ledge of next-generation hat enables them to o-market pressures and  Identify and enter new markets  Build a strong brand  Position Competitively  Maximize value of customer base  Leverage digital marketing’s potential  Increase revenues in existing markets  Maximise return on Marketing spend
  3. ur Mission To Our Clients Connecting marketing to business strategy, strategy to execution and execution to business leadsexecution to business leads To Our Employees Think about customer’s customer Learn to unlearn and relearn Unleash creatitivyy Enthusiasm in everything
  4. ur Focus In • • • • • •• • • nspire Innovate Impact Integration of Sales & Marketing Data and Analytics Social Media Marketing Automation Content Management Mobile E perienceMobile Experience Customer Experience Campaign Management
  5. ur Strength Executive Leadership Sagar & Aniket Team that is enthused to infuse creativity into every single thing they do Our Experience Combined Experience of over 40 years into Marketing & Sales strategy building and execution services Wi f ti i “E ll i M k ti ”Winners of prestigious “Excellence in Marketing” and “Sales Eminence” Awards by IBM
  6. ur Services Marketing Sales Strategy Enabling clients to solve their mo by offering an integrated set of se Visual & Interactive Creating an arresting virtual pres & function and which is incredi imbued in creativity. It should evo b i i i it tia business owner is an invitation Managed Services Managing marketing is pivotal to the succes company, but what Comsense offers is a team act as your extended marketing team offering e ost challenging marketing and sales strategy & execution issues ervices, with a goal to deliver tangible results sence advanced enough to preserve the delicate balance of form ibly simple and interactive at the same time. Design must be oke curiosity, generate enquires and close deals. Any website of t i ito engage in an experience. ss and growth of your business. Marketing manager is a good resource to have in your more or less at the same value of that one resource. If you are a large organization then we expertise in alignment to your strategy.
  7. ur Testimonials "Comsense has helped Talentain in realizing a who opportunity in the market by setting up a very robust Sopportunity in the market by setting up a very robust S process and by creating new channels for scaling up busine I get a complete view of the various stages of the deals in p right from Suspecting to Closure. They have helped us very robust marketing process with tools and assets for stages of the customer buying process." ole new SPANCOSPANCO ess. Now progress create a r various Santosh Sreenivasan MD – Talentain Technologies
  8. y Clients
  9. ur Presence Marketing LLC, igan Avenue, India Office Comsense Marketing LL Office 527, 5th Floor, S li C G60610 Sterling Centre, MG Roa Maharashtra, India – 41 LC, d Email ad, Pune, 11001
  10. ALL US Em Lets make an I.M.P.A.C.T saga C lCal Sag mail: llll: gar: +91 9730077668