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General Overview

  1. Welcome to Sage
  2. About us • in a nutshell Sage Media is an agile, strategic corporate design group. Founded in 2004, we have provided highly tailored corporate design and development solutions to companies around the world, ranging from local mom&pop brands to Fortune 50 global corporations. In six short years, the quality of our work and our impeccable service have gained us international acclaim from both the design community (we have won dozens of awards) and our rapidly growing client base.
  3. our clients • our lives Small is beautiful. Our size and business model allows us to move with lightening speed. It also enables a close relationship between you and your (actual) designer. Our clients - big and small - invariably become return clients. In fact, some of our current clients have been with us since our first year in business. We’re so good in fact, that competing design companies hire us to do their work for them.
  4. our approach • strategy, relevance, impact Design is Communication. Pretty pictures are nothing without context. Our design is research-based, and executed with YOUR company and audience in mind. This is why you will see such variety in our portfolio. As designers we impart expertise, knowledge, talent and best practice... but the final product needs to appeal to the people who pay YOUR bills, not ours.
  5. LONG TERM • loyalty has its benefits A Partner You Can Rely On. It’s never just one thing. Many of our clients choose to keep us on retainer, so they can be sure we can deliver without delay - even if they need it done yesterday. For clients with ongoing design needs, we offer monthly billing and a significant loyalty discount. Reserving availability means that X hours per week are dedicated to you and you alone - so if you need a rush project done, you are not placed in a queue behind other clients.
  6. list of services • diversification & specialization What we do best. As a Marketing & Design Company, we’re asked to manage a lot of activity. Here are some of our core skills. Corporate Websites, Microsites, Niche Websites, E-Commerce, Development, Blogs, CMS Brand Campaigns, Logo Design, Brand Groups, Icon Design, Brand Usage Guides, Personas Brochures, Catalogs, Annual Reports, Corporate Documents, Stationery, Business Cards, Books, Magazines Physical Packaging Design, Package Artworking, Layout and Prepress, Package Groups for Product Lines Org Charts, Demonstrative Illustrations, Characters, Icons, Product Illustrations, Glamor Shots, 3D Renders PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations, Flash/Interactive e-books/documents, Product Demonstrations You name it, we’ll make it happen.
  7. OUR WORK • just a taste We have an extensive online portfolio. Our website boasts one of the most inclusive design portfolios in the industry. Most companies choose to show a handful of samples, but our client base is so varied that it made more sense to demonstrate range of talents. We encourage you to visit to get the full picture.
  8. ACCESSIBLE • EFFECTIVE + AVAILABLE Any Questions? We’re here now to answer them, just like we will be years into the future. Once you choose to work with us, you will never want/need to search for a designer again. SAGE MEDIA DESIGN CO 132 Acorn Cr. Ottawa, Ontario K0A 3M0 [T] 888-313-SAGE [F] 866-463-2361