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Applications of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Services in 4G-based Mobile VAS

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Some of the topics covered in this slide deck:
Market Opportunities for Cloud Monetization
Business Model for Big Data
Big Data Monetization and Transformation
Possible Strategies in M2M / IoT / Digital Services
Sigfox: A global network just for things!
Applications for Internet of Things (IoT)
Exploiting 5G for Advanced IoT

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Applications of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Services in 4G-based Mobile VAS

  1. 1. Applications of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Services in 4G-based Mobile VAS By ALI Saghaeian Chief Analyst & Consultant Telecoms, IT and Media Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  2. 2. Objectives • The need to transform fundamental business and operating model • What are Market Opportunities for Cloud Monetization • What are the Impacts of Big Data on Business over the next 5 to 10 Years • Big Data Monetization and Transformation • What is the Visions for Internet of Things (IoT) • How to Exploit 5G for Advanced IoT Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  3. 3. Agenda • Use Cases for Cloud Services • Types of Monetization for Cloud Services • Business Model for Big Data • Big Data Enables the Telco Digital Transformation • 3 Waves of Big Data Strategy for Global Operators • Internet of Things: Potential Applications • Possible Strategies in M2M / IoT / Digital Services • Sigfox: A global network just for things! • Examples for IoT Applications • 5G characteristics in IoT perspective Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  4. 4. Megatrends are disrupting the ICT industry 2 As As Emerging and existing competitors Changing consumption models Advancing technologies Escalating demands Cloud internet of things Mobility Big data By 2020: 30 billion devices 40 trillion GB data 10 million mobile apps 8 billion people …for Service providers must transform Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  5. 5. $1T in New ‘Converged’ Services by 2020 $130B in SaaS $40B in IaaS $30B in PaaS Increase revenue per enterprise by 35% + $200B new cloud services + $200B new video services $150B in CDN, SLA, Analytics $30B in Rental/purchase $20B in subscription Cloud video ARPU: $11/mo Cloud DVR ARPU: $4/mo + $600B* new mobile services $530B in M2M $40B in sponsored data $30B in targeted ads New mobile services ARPU uplift: $2/mo Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  6. 6. Fundamental business and operating model transformation required Credible, converged offer17 New product offering, revenue & cost structure New internal capabilities & partnering approaches Telco/cloud convergence at the center of SMB strategy Recharge core telco revenues Focus on x-sell fixed/mobile Increase loyalty through lock-in Drive new revenues Share revenues from IT-service portfolio Participate in professional service delivery Business Model Transformation High-performing sales force & support Channel mix optimization Implementation & support organization Efficient service provisioning Flexible BSS Cloud-like business processes Operating Model Transformation Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  7. 7. Types of Monetization for Cloud Indirect Monetization Advertizing Offers Referrals Direct Monetization e/m-commerce Freemium/Causium Pay as you Use Free to use Pay for Services Premium Content Subscriptions Reselling Indirect Value-Add Classic Business Protection IT Projects Company Image Keep Customer Data (Big Data Monetization) Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  8. 8. Market Opportunity for Cloud Monetization is Expected to Reach $141 Billion by 2017 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 SaaS (33% CAGR) IaaS (13% CAGR) PaaS (21% CAGR) Installed Workload in Millions Spending on public cloud services compared to traditional IT CAGR from 2014-2018 for content management/productivity applications 6X 38% 42% Of IT decision makers are planning to increase spending on cloud computing in 2015 59% of total cloud workloads will be SaaSworkloads by 2018 Software as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  9. 9. Use Cases for Cloud Services – Traditional vs. Digital Managed VPN services & Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Mobile Evolved Packet Core Wi-Fi Infrastructure Virtual Managed Services (vMS) Cloud VPN service for SMBs Virtual Packet Core Public Mobile Broadband Cloud-managed Wi-Fi Traditional Digital Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  10. 10. Data is Key in Operators’ Initiatives Subscription data Operator Locat Stat Pre-paid Post-paid Business Dynam Consumer End date Time Hour Day Time zone 􀀹 Device Brand Type Capabilities Group Keywo Sear y g User demographics Age tion tic Gender City Country mic Income Indicator ... Behavioural Ads seen Ads clicked Ads responded Sites Contextual visited Content category Mobile channel ords rch Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  11. 11. Impact of Big Data on Business over the next 5 to 10 Years Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  12. 12. The Telco Industry is Actively Working in Partnerships using their Data & Location Assets 10% of operators claim to have a big data initiative in place to drive external revenue streams* Source: Telecoms.com Industry Survey 2014 Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  13. 13. Business Model for Big Data Advertisement E-commerce Retail Finance Travel Government Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  14. 14. Big Data Monetization and Transformation Data Monetization Business Optimization Business Insights Business Monitoring Measures the degree to which your organization has integrated big data and advanced analytics into your business model Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  15. 15. Big Data Enable the Telco Digital Transformation Diversified Business Digital Enabler: Data as A Service Digital Infrastructure 3 2 1 Big Data Video Aggregate ecosystem Agile innovation Analytical excellence Adaptivearchitecture Digital Scale Simple Smart Speed VGS Digital life & vertical services Service & Platform Digital lifestyle Smart Life Digital identity Smart Pipe Smart Connectivity NEXT Commerce Big Data Enable the Telco Digital Transformation Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  16. 16. The proliferation of customer channels is driving a significant amount of Big Data investment  Understanding the customer’s interaction history requires a high degree of cross-channel connectivity and intelligence.  New techniques and technologies are required to gain insight from today’s complex customer data landscape.  Big Data is an aspect of the Business Intelligence continuum focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities related to massive datasets.  Big Data is not all about technology; the human factor is the most significant and transformative factor.  Using Big Data to beget and support Big Ideas! Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  17. 17. 3 Waves big data Strategy for Global Operators 1stWave: Improving In-house Operations •Precision Marketing •Network Planning & Optimization •Customer Experience Uplifting & Retention •Improve Operational Efficiency 2ndWave: New Revenue Stream: Open available the Telco data to external parties •Sales of Telco’s data to external parties •Open the API 3rdWave: Be an enabler for the Digital Business Transformation: Business participation thru 3rd-party partnership Business Value Improvement E.g.:BgData @ IoT Big Data @ Video External Monetization Curve Internal Monetization Curve Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  18. 18. Internet of Things: Potential Applications Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  19. 19. Global Machine-to-Machine Growth and Migration to 3G and 4G Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  20. 20. Three Possible Strategies in M2M / IoT / Digital Services Possible roles of CSP in M2M business, Source: Gartner Smart connectivity provider Ecosystem / Aggregator provider Digital Service Provider * Sell only connectivity services to partners Provide additional services for partners such as billing for applications Sell comprehensive services directly to customers Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  21. 21. What does it take to cross the IoT chasm? Solution Analytics Integrated Solution Device Application Platform Support Connectivity Management Authentication & Security Revenue Management Device Management Portal E2E Solution Integration M2M Application Device Manufacturing Service Enablement & Delivery Customer & Partner Care Account Management Portal Device Management Application Analytics Offer & Order Management Device Data Acquisition & Aggregation Work Force Management HW & SW Infrastructures Device Software Device Supply Chain Mgmt Operational Monitoring & Reporting Connectivity Service Provider Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  22. 22. Visions of IoT often look like this Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  23. 23. Sigfox: A global network just for things! Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  24. 24. Examples: Industrial Applications Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  25. 25. Examples: Agriculture Applications Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  26. 26. Examples: E-health Applications Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  27. 27. Generic Case Scenario: Wow Effect Applications Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  28. 28. And many more applications… Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  29. 29. Exploiting 5G for Advanced IoT: The 5G requirements scenario 1-10Gbps connections to end points in the field (i.e. not theoretical maximum) 1 millisecond end-to-end round trip delay (latency) 1000x bandwidth per unit area 10-100x number of connected devices (Perception of) 99.999% availability and 100% coverage 90% reduction in network energy usage Up to ten year battery life for low power, machine-type devices The 5G requirements scenario Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  30. 30. Some distinguishing characteristics of 5G in IoT perspective Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com
  31. 31. Any Questions? Ali.Saghaeian [at] gmail.com