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Engine Management System/ ECU

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The ECU is the core/brain of an automobile...its control domain spans from the power-train to auxiliary functions such as parking assist & lighting.

Engine Management System/ ECU

  1. 1. ECU/EMS
  2. 2. OPERATION PARAMETERS Power/Mech. Efficiency Thermal Eff/Ht. Balance Exhaust Smoke A/F Ratio Specific Fuel Consumptn Effective Pr’ Volumetric Efficiency Specific O/P Torque
  3. 3. EMS SCHEMATIC Sensor I/P ECU Stage Actuator O/P
  4. 4. MAF Crankshaft position Oxygen VR Tacho Throttle Position Knock Sensor Engine RPM Intake Air TEMP Transmission fluid temp Brake force meter Tire Pressure TSS-Turbo Speed Engine Coolant Temp TERTIARY MAP SECONDARY PRIMARY SENSOR LIST Blind-Spot Parking Speed Door Closure Proximity Curb Sensor NEUTRAL START Stop Light A/C Compressor Relay Head Light
  5. 5. CONTROL SYSTEMS STAGE I STAGE II STAGE III • Mechanical Design Solution • Non-adaptive • Hardwired Chip • Application Specific • Non Programmable • Common base hardware • Programmable
  6. 6. Standard ECU Systems Airbag Control Module BCU/ABS/ESC TCU Body Control Module HMI DCU PSCU-Steering Power train Control Module(PCM)
  7. 7. Power-train Control Module [PCM]  SENSOR INPUTS:  MAF/MAP- Intake air density  VR TACHO- Engine RPM  CR POS- Crankshaft Angle  IDLE SET-Idle Speed  THROTTLE POS  KNOCK  TRANSMISSION ECU  CONTROL OUTPUT:  A/F Ratio- Inj. Timing/Pr  Ig. Timing  Idle Speed Set  VVT  Transient Fueling  Gear Control Ig. Cutoff  Rev Limit  Turbo Waste-gate limit
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES  Ease of Control  Adaptable to multiple scenarios  Very low cost compared to mechanical systems  Occupy lesser space-compact engine bay  Less complicated design  Zero wear
  9. 9. UNIQUE FEATURES  SERVICE SETTING:  List of service parameters  Range of acceptable values OR time limits (modifiable)  Service Indicator Light  Program reset  OBD On Board Diagnostics  Self detection of possible faults  Sensor scanning subsystems  Fault codes stored in ECU memory  All cars after 1996 OBD-II compliant
  10. 10. AUTO TUNING  Software on ECU known as a map  New maps can be loaded to ECU [ process known as re- mapping or flashing]  Complete access to parameters such as fuel injection quantity, boost pressure, ignition timing, idle speed setting  No costly equipment required, laptop, Tuner EMS s/w & ODB cable  Plug & play ECU’s with multiple maps available.