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Mobile cloning modified with images and bettermented

  1. By M.Sai Srinivas 15311A0568 CSE-B
  2.  What is cell phone cloning?  When did cloning start?  GSM  CDMA  How is a phone cloned?  Some Methods to detect cloned phones.  Symptoms of cloned mobile.  How to prevent cloning.  Conclusion.
  3.  Cell Phone cloning is copying the identity of one mobile phone to another mobile phone.  The main purpose of Mobile cloning is making fraudulent calls.  The bills for the calls goes to the legitimate subscriber.  The cloner also can also make anonymous calls
  4.  Cell Phone cloning started with Motorola “bag” phones and reached at their peak in mid 90’s.  The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association(CTIA) estimates that financial losses due to cloning fraud are around a billion u.s.dollars.
  5.  Mobile cloning is in initial stages in India so preventive steps should be taken by network provider and government
  6.  Global System for Mobile Communication .A cellular technology based on TDMA.  GSM phones use a Subscriber Identity Module(SIM) card that contains user info.  Any GSM automatically programmed after plugging in the SIM card.
  7.  Code Division Multiple Access is a method of transmitting simultaneously signals over shared portion of spectrum.  There is a built in UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) card in CDMA i.e., they are hand set based mobiles.  In India the major CDMA service providers are Reliance and Tata Indicom.
  8.  Electronic Serial Number(ESN).It is loaded when the phone number is manufactured.  This number cannot be tampered or changed by the user or a subscriber.  This is one of the essentials to be known for cloning a mobile phone.
  9.  Mobile Identification Number  By Knowing ESN/MIN pairs cloning can be Successfully done on any mobile phone. It is nothing but your mobile number.
  10.  Cloning involves modifying or replacing the EPROM in the phone with a new chip  It would allow you to configure ESN via software like PATAGONIA.  You would also have to change MIN number too.
  11.  When you had successfully changed ESN/MIN pair, the phone was an effective clone of another phone.
  12.  Cloning is rare on the GSM ,one of the more widely used mobile telephone communication systems.  However, cloning GSM Phones is achieved by cloning the SIM card contained within , not necessarily any of the phone’s internal data.
  13.  The important information is IMSI stored in SIM card.  SIM card inserted to a reader  Connect a computer and transfer the card details.  Use encrypted software to interpret details.
  14. Duplicate detection. Velocity trap. Call counting
  15.  The network shows the same mobile phone at several places  Reactions include shutting all them off so that the real customer will contact the operator as he lost the service
  16.  The Mobile phone seems to be moving with impossible speed or most unlikely speeds.  For example one phone call is made at Vizag and in another 5 minutes call is made at Hyderabad.
  17.  Both phone and network keep the track of calls made with the phone.  If they differ by each other the service to that mobile is denied(denial of service).
  18.  Frequent wrong calls to your phone , or hang- ups.  Difficulty in placing outgoing calls.  Incoming calls constantly receiving busy signals or wrong numbers. Unusual calls appearing on phone bills.
  19.  Blacklisting of stolen phones is one type of mechanism to prevent unauthorized use. An Equipment Identity Register enables network operators to disable stolen cellular phones on network.  User verification using Personal Identification Number(PIN) codes is one method for customer protection against cellular phone fraud
  20.  Tests conducted by USA found that having a PIN code reduced fraud by more than 80%.  Traffic Analysis detects cellular fraud by using artificial intelligence software to detect suspicious calling patterns , such as sudden increase in the length of calls or a sudden increase in number of international calls.
  21.  Software also determines whether it is physically possible for subscriber to make a call from current location and the time of previous call
  22.  Mobile cloning is in initial stages in India so preventive steps should be taken by the network provider.  Though the mobile cloning has some uses in fields like army it has many disadvantages  Existing cellular systems have a number of potential weakness . It is crucial that business and staff take mobile phone security seriously.