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4 Suggestions for Corporations to Take on Political Lobbying (1).pdf

  1. 4 Suggestions for Corporations to Take on Political Lobbying
  2. The movement to hold business accountable for their effects on the environment, their workforce, and the communities it depends on is gaining strength on a global scale.
  3. The "democracy footprint," which encompasses corporate lobbying, political funding, and other types of corporate political influence aimed at changing - and frequently undermining - legislation intended to benefit society, is one consequence that is rarely discussed.
  4. Wajid khan explains Corporate political actions remain concealed and unaccountable to private actors, like investors and public members
  5. Whether employees, consumers, or activists - despite representing the most considerable impact a company can have on safeguarding or hurting the environment and society.
  6. 1. The use of advocacy as a sustainable business strategy
  7. 2. Complete transparency through "political due diligence."
  8. 3. Corporate lobbying is subject to board scrutiny
  9. 4. Switch from unfavorable to favorable lobbying