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garment industry

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garment industry

  1. 1. GARMENT Garm ent INDUSTRY industry Presented By: Tripti sharma Presented By: Tripti Sharma (40) Sushma (10)
  2. 2. Introduction oDyes and printing blocks. oDiscovered in the tombs of Fostat,Egypt. oSilk for spices. oTrade widely practiced between India, China and the Philippines. oAlso, it is said that it had its origin during the second world war. oTechnology has been gradually upgraded. oIndia is well known for its fine textile products. oMost of the leading fashion brands are sourcing substantial quantities from India now.
  3. 3. oBrand Allen Solly, part of William Hollins & Co. Ltd., was born in 1744. oOriginally from Nottingham, UK, the brand was taken over by Madura Garments in the last decade of 20th century. oWhen Brand Allen Solly was re-launched in 1993, Friday Dressing was introduced to the Indian corporate wardrobe. o Allen Solly became famous for Friday Dressing, and the brand models became role models. oMadura Fashion & Lifestyle was taken over by the Aditya Birla Group, one of India’s leading industrial houses in 2000.
  4. 4. The First Logo The Second Logo The New Logo
  5. 5. KEY PEOPLE Founder Of Aditya Birla Group: GHANSHYAM DAS BIRLA Brand Ambassador: INDRANI DASGUPTA Chairman Of Aditya Birla Group: KUMAR MANGLAM BIRLA Brand Head : MR.SOORAJ BHAT
  6. 6. By leaps and bounds Friday Dressing(1993) The Uncrushables(2000) Women Wear(2001) Kids wear(2008) I Hate Ugly(2009) My World, My Way(2010) I Hate Yesterday(2012) Hot Fridays(2013)
  7. 7. The uncrushables
  9. 9. MY WORLD, MY WAY
  10. 10. Friday Can Take You Places You Never Planned To Go…. A Majority Of Working Couples Become A Couple On Friday..!!! Statistics Show, The Courage To Ask For A Promotion Somehow Arrives On A Friday…. The Call For ‘Team Photo’ Comes On A Friday…
  11. 11. GARMENTS ACCESSORIES Shirts Belt Trousers Ties Denims Portfolio bag T-shirts Hand bag Suits Handkerchief Shorts Socks Skirts Cufflinks Capris Glares Leggings Shoes
  12. 12. Keeping customers happy
  13. 13. Allen solly embraces india •147 Retail Outlets •71 Cities •23 States: •MUMBAI •PUNE •DELHI •SOUTH DELHI •HYDERABAD •BANGLORE •CHENNAI •GURGAON •KOLKATA •PUNJAB…. ALLEN SOLLY
  14. 14. Many More in the race…
  17. 17. Swot analysis Strengths Weaknesses Increasing disposable income of the people. Brand conscious customers. Availability of cheap finance. Growing domestic market. Increase in number of malls. Predominance of unorganized sector. Technological obsolescence in the supply chain. Effect of historical government policies. Opportunities Threats Increasing demand for luxury brands from the middle class. Increased use of CAD to develop designing capabilities. Indian companies need to focus on product development. Increased competition in domestic markets. Need to improve the working conditions of the people who are involved in this profession.
  18. 18. HELPING HAND TO THE NATION Helping hand to the nation Textile and clothing industry: a key contributor in Indian economy. 14% of industrial production Employs 35 million people 12% of country’s total export basket Contributes 4% of GDP.
  19. 19. Allen Solly … From Friday dressing to now… Always ahead, always unexpected…