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  1. PDHPE Watch this slideshow for some fun activities and fun photos about PDHPE 
  2. PDHPE PDHPE is about being active and playing different types of sports. They can be warm up games or striking games! Here are some examples...
  3. PDHPE Swimming
  4. PDHPE Soccer
  5. PDHPE Cricket
  6. PDHPE Running track or relays
  7. PDHPEPDHPE is about eating healthy and eat a balanced diet !
  8. PDHPE A balanced diet is about including each of these food groups on the food pyramid
  9. PDHPE Which plate is a healthy balanced meal and which one is not?
  10. PDHPE This one is the balanced meal! It has all the food groups of the pyramid in the right amount.
  11. PDHPE PDHPE is also about developing and maintaining positive relationships with people.
  12. PDHPE Positive relationship bring out the best in you. You have a good time with your friends and you enjoy their company . They influence you to be a better person. Negative relationship bring out the worst in you and friends will often pressure you to do the wrong things.
  13. PDHPE PDHPE is about living safely! Learning how to avoid unsafe situations and how to deal with them
  14. PDHPEThis is bad road safety as the children did not wait for the car to pass. They ran across the street, as the car is still driving. This is extremely dangerous as you might get hit by a car, especially a speeding car. This is good road safety as the pedestrians are holding hands. They have stopped as they can hear and see cars driving past. When the road is clear they will cross. Remember to always: STOP. LOOK. LISTEN