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Ways of life in past and present

This presentation is showing a comparison between the life of past and present.

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Ways of life in past and present

  1. 1. Ways of Life in Past andWays of Life in Past and PresentPresent
  2. 2. How to Enquire about history? • To see history is a process of enquiry. • Finding out about things rather than just reading about them. • History is more than just set of fixed facts that are written and never questioned.
  3. 3. How can you find out (1)? • Following are the questions that can be asked from a researcher after conducting a research to know about his findings i.e. • How did you find out? • How is history found out? • What is the method of enquiry? • How do historians learn history?
  4. 4. How can you find out(2)? • Answer to all the above asked questions are as following: • By reading old documents, letters and papers, by asking people, by looking at things people have made such as old kitchen implements (artifacts) • the pyramids, pottery, hieroglyphics are all the examples of artifacts that help us learn about past.
  5. 5. Ways of life in past • In the past the way people lived was very different from the way in which we live now-a-days. • It includes life style, ways of communication, transportation, fashion, education, entertainment,
  6. 6. Ways of communication in past and present • In old times people commonly used oral communication to talk to people close to them and to talk to people from far away used telegrams.
  7. 7. Ways of transportation in past and present • In the past people used to travel using cycles, tongas and for long distance traveling they used animals like camels and elephants. • But now in cars, motor bikes, rickshaws and buses are used to cover short distances and common transports for long distance are trains and airplanes.
  8. 8. Ways of dressing in past and present • In past people used to dress up in simple ways. • But now people have developed a trend of fashionable, latest trend, and stylish clothes.
  9. 9. Using accessories in past and present • In past people used to wear simple shoes, no lust for jewelry and lead a simple life. • People now-a-days are more into wearing matching, weather it is shoes, jewelry or anything related to make them look good.
  10. 10. Eating habits in past and present • People in posts had simple diet and ate fresh, natural and healthy food. • Burgers, sharwamas, patties, French fries and many more are the favorite of people now-a-days.
  11. 11. Ways of entertainment in past and present • Holding street plays, plays in amphitheaters and story telling were most famous and common ways of getting entertainment. • Attending concerts, going out in theater to watch movies are the vast ways of getting entertainment but the most common ways ate TV, mobile, radio and many more.
  12. 12. Houses, Shops and Buildings in past and present • The building in past were simple with less electric appliances and most of the work was done by hand. • Now-a-days in houses there are more electrical appliances with more fancy items of use.
  13. 13. Ways of using kitchen implements in past • In past many different types of kitchen implements were used like: • Open airy cupboards to store food • Ice was made under ground • Havan Dasts/ motar and pestle and Sil Bats to grind food
  14. 14. Ways of using kitchen implements in present • In present many different types of kitchen implements are being used like: • Fridge • Freezer is used to make ice • grinders are used to grind food