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Leadership wisdom

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Leadership Wisdom
Leadership Wisdom
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Leadership wisdom

  2. 2. Ritual 1- Link Paycheck To Purpose • The vision for the Organization must excite the mind & touch the hearts. • Purpose is the most powerful motivator in the world. • People have a deep inner need to be a part of something bigger than themselves. • They should be told continuously how they are moving to a compelling cause. • As a visionary leader you must stay focused on the big picture.
  3. 3. Contd . . • To show the followers that you really have their best interest in mind when you share future vision of Organization with them. • Visionary leaders care about doing what’s right then appearing intelligent. • Visionary leaders see themselves as liberators rather then limiters of human talent. • Human hunger is the need for growth & self actualization. • People who feel superb about themselves generate superb results. • Rather then showing employees use their creativity & resourcefulness to get there, most leaders micromanage & dictate the path to be followed.
  4. 4. Contd . . • Let them try new things & learn new skills. • Let them fail from time to time, since failure is nothing more then learning how to win. • The ultimate task of visionary leaders is to dignify & honor the lives of those he leads by allowing them to manifest their highest potential through the work they do. • One of the hallmarks of visionary leadership lies in the translation of positive intentions into tangible results. • The law of diminishing intent should be avoided which says that the longer you wait to implement a new idea or strategy, the less enthusiasm you will have for it. • Some leaders have their video not in synch with their audio. Visionary leaders care less about appearing right then doing right.
  5. 5. Contd .. • Don’t expect others to become anything more then you are willing to become yourself. • The first key to greatness is to be in reality what we appear to be. • Go deep within your heart & reflect on your strengths & more importantly on your weakness as a leader. Get to know yourself. Awareness precedes change.
  6. 6. Ritual 2- Manage by mind lead by heart • This is the ritual of human relations & communication competency. • When you enrich the relationship, you enhance the leadership. • Promise keeping, aggressive listening, being consistently compassionate & most importantly truth telling are secrets to leadership for human relations. • Promise keeping- – Every promise you break, no matter how small, steadily chips away at your character. – Every time you avoid doing right, you fuel the habit of doing wrong. – When people keep their promises, they bread loyality.
  7. 7. Contd . . • Aggressive listening- Visionary leaders capture the hearts of their people by deeply listening to them. - Listening to others is a mark of respect. - Stop listening with the intent to respond, but listen with the intent to understand. - Listening can improve heath by reducing blood pressure, moderating heartbeat & making feel calmer. - Cultivate the skill of asking open ended questions to your employees & then really listen to responses.e.g. how to improve company, what can be one to make job better. - Summarize & paraphrase what you have heard. - Develop expressions such as “ just to make sure I understand you properly, you are saying …. - Take notes of the important points, this simple gesture will send them the massage that you are serious about taking them seriously.
  8. 8. Contd .. • Being consistently compassionate- - Its about letting your humanity shine at work. - It about showing courtesy, consideration & respect. - Leaders blend humanity with courage. - They always take the time to show they care. - Employees want a leader who values & cherishes them as people. - Employees want a leader who has the vision to give them a glimpse of a compelling cause they can strive toward so that their daily work become meaningful. - Show small gestures, sending a handwritten thank you card to an employee who has done a great job, asking about the well being of family, a small personal phone call when one of you employee becomes a new parent or a quick visit with a worker who is facing a challenge.
  9. 9. Contd . . • Truth telling- – You must communicate as much key information as possible to your employees. – Having decency to quickly & accurately inform them of the things that will affect them shows them that they are important. – Being open & truthful also means that you take care of the little issues & skirmishes that come up every day before
  10. 10. Ritual 3- Reward routinely, recognize relentlessly • It is a ritual of team unity. • Team leaders don’t dictate the members, instead they coach, guides & encourages them. • Great leaders are great teachers. • A great leader energizes, challenges, develops & equips his people. • The starting for motivating your employee is simple :hunt for good behavior.
  11. 11. Reward routinely, recognize relentlessly • A leader always get more of what he rewards. • The sooner you reward the good behavior, the more it is likely to be repeated. • Most employees are micromanaged to the point where they feel that it will be detrimental to their carrier if they become free thinkers & innovators. • Visionary leaders define precisely the kinds of results they hope to see from their people, & set them free to realize them. • In underperforming companies, people are so afraid of falling, that they never take risks & never discover new things & spend rest of life doing same thing with same people in same way every day.
  12. 12. Reward routinely, recognize relentlessly • To add insult to injury, management then chastises them for their lack of creativity & innovation. • When an employee tries something & fails, he is simply learning how to succeed .Failure are lessons in disguise. • In one landmark study of 1500 employees, personalized instant recognition was found to be the top way to energize staff. • Don’t reward people according to the way you would like to be rewarded if you were in their shoes. Instead find what motivates them. • The way you treat your employees determines the way they will treat your customers. • Praise progress & reward results. Hunt for good, not perfect behavior & get people excited about their improvemnts. • Principles of praise: - Praise must me specific, it must be immediate & it must be done in public & it must be sincere. - Personalize your praise by using the person’s first name.
  13. 13. Reward routinely, recognize relentlessly - Don’t over praise. While praise is important, giving it with reckless abandon, devalues it, just like printing too much money cheapens the currency. “Visionary leaders understand that employees who feel they are valued members of an exciting team will go the extra mile & give their best. If you practice the ritual, they will invest their spirit in their organization. They will begin to see themselves as a part of a larger whole. That is when you Company will become unstoppable.” - The monk who sold his ferrari
  14. 14. Ritual 4- Surrender to change • Change is the most dominant force in the business world today. • Technology is changing, society is changing, the political landscape is changing & even the way people work is also changing. • The only way to manage change is to become good at managing the unexpected. • In this new economy, where intellectual capital is far more valuable than material capital, a leader must master the art of being resilient & reacting to unforeseen challenges with grace, agility & speed.
  15. 15. Surrender to change • Doing the same things every day will not deliver new results. To change the results you are getting, you must change the things you are doing. • Einestein said “ The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. • The leader who can adopt to change & use it to his or her advantage will have a huge competitive edge. • Every human being is genetically programmed to resist change & maintain a state of equilibrium. The condition known as homeostasis, evolved naturally over time as a means by which our ancestors could survive constantly changing condition.
  16. 16. Surrender to change • To manage change effectively, you as a visionary leader must provide the ideal culture in which people can respond positively to change & grow in the process. • To stay competitive & to mange change, you must let everyone know that they need to be continually learning. • Create a corporate culture, that inspires them to embrace new ideas & information.
  17. 17. Surrender to change • By constantly investing in your people, sending them to training, seminars & exposing them to latest business books, you will sharpen their skills, develop their talents & help them to see that they can actually assume a leading role in effecting change within the Organization. • Growth of your Company is directly proportional to the growth of your people. • Another reason why people resist change is that they simply don’t trust the leadership. They don’t believe their managers & supervisors have their best trusts in their mind. People challenge those who lead egocentrically. • Helping your employees to become massively competent will change all that.
  18. 18. Surrender to change • Well intentioned leaders send their teams to seminars, invest in latest books & business books & tapes, but they fail to remember that knowledge that remains unapplied is worthless. • Success is not determined by what you know. Lasting success comes only through acting on what you know, putting it into practice. • To become a truly world class Company, you & your people must move from learning to doing & from wishing to being.
  19. 19. Surrender to change • Leaders don’t lead Companies, what they really lead & inspire is attitude. • They show their people the higher reality that waits fro them on the horizon & then equip them with the enthusiasm & skill they need to get their. • In this era of business you are privileged to live in, ideas are the true commodity of success. How far you go will be determined by how well you think. • One of the best change management disciplines you can possibly follow is to start conditioning your mind & the minds of your people to view all the upheaval that is going on as one huge opportunity to learn grow & succeed.
  20. 20. Surrender to change • People should be asked to become reverse paranoids where you believe the world is conspiring to do something good to you. “Belief creates actual fact”. • “Doing the same things every day cannot deliver new results. To change the results you are getting, you need to change the things you are doing. You must transform the way you are leading.”
  21. 21. Ritual 5- Focus on the worthy • The Ritual of personal effectiveness. • This ritual is about the secret of having more time to concentrate on the necessary things is to have the courage to neglect those that are unnecessary. • Visionary leaders know intimately their high yield activities, those that result in the progress they need to make in order to get to where they want to go. Anything else is a waste of their precious time & they disregard it.
  22. 22. Focus on the worthy • The real secret of personal effectiveness is concentration of purpose. • Emerson stated “ Concentration is the secret of strength in war, in trade; in short in the management of human affairs”. • Peter Ducker said “There is noting so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all” • 20% of your activities deliver 80% of your production. So focus on the things that count, those pursuits that are worthy.
  23. 23. Focus on the worthy • Time model for visionary leadership: - Visionary leaders have the wisdom to understand that if you don’t lead your time, it will lead you. - The first thing you must do is to set aside a period of time for weekly planning practice. • There are 5 key steps you must follow to ritualize the worthy & ensure that every action you take during the coming week brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Step 1- Revisit your future vision: Envision what ultimate success will look like both professionally & personally. Revisiting your vividly imagined future will keep you inspired & focus on the things that count.
  24. 24. Focus on the worthy • Step 2: Review the annual victories you have determined are worthy of achieving this year- By reconnecting with your annual goals you will remind yourself of your best practices, those pursuits that are certain to deliver you & your Company to your predetermined destination. • Step 4- What minor victories or little goals must I accomplish over the next 7 days to feel you have advanced in the direction of professional & personal vision. This will allow you to have the self discipline to sacrifice the good for the best which means visionary leaders focus on the best & delegate the rest.
  25. 25. Focus on the worthy • Step 4- Integrate the weekly wins you have promised yourself you will achieve over the 7 days into your daily schedule. Give priority to your work. The golden key to time leadership s really doing what you planned to do, when you planned to do it. - Self discipline is the DNA of visionary leadership. It is the common trait of the best of the best. Self discipline is what allows a leader to go beyond knowing to doing. “ The tougher you are on yourself, the easier life will be on you”. - Dissatisfaction most people experience in their life could be traced back to a lack of discipline, whether that meant not having self control to eat well or not nurturing key relationships or not having courage to take some risks & follow dreams.
  26. 26. Focus on the worthy • Technique of integrating your weekly wins into your days strategic time blocking. • In this the first thing you need to do is designate the different days of your week in terms of different areas of focus. • For eg Monday could be your day to concentrate only on issues & initiatives that involve your employees. You might label Monday human relation day. • You might designate Tuesday as your business development day. • Wednesday could be reserved for marketing or finance related issues. • Thursday might be your open day, meaning you will be free to deal with any crises that might come up or to catch up on general administrative issues or just be available to anyone who needs you.
  27. 27. Focus on the worthy • Friday could be as your renewal day, the day that you set aside to revitalize your leadership & recreate yourself. You might spend it on strategic thinking & clarifying your future vision for the Company. You might dedicate it to preparation & future planning priorities. You could use it to go to a leadership seminar or work with a personal development coach. You might devote it to catching up all those publication you subscribe to but rarely get a chance to review or to get deep into a hot new management book that will give you some new ides.
  28. 28. Focus on the worthy • Step 5- It is about regular reflection- Reflection is the mother of wisdom. Take a few moments to deeply consider the week that you have just lived. Did you do what you planned to do, when you planned to do it. If not, why not? What would you have done differently if you had the chance to spend the week again? Did you truly focus on the worthy? Awareness precedes change & if you are not aware of the activities you are spending time on you will never discover that there are ones more deserving of your energy. By reflecting you will not only be more effective in next week, you will also get to know yourself.
  29. 29. Focus on the worthy • “Never forget the importance of each & every one of your days. As you live your days, so you live your life. Don not waste even one of them. The past is history & the future is but a figment. This day, the present, is really all you have”. - The monk who sold his ferrari
  30. 30. Ritual 6- Leader lead thyself • The ritual of self leadership • This ritual visionary leader practice on a daily basis. If they fail to do so, even for a few days, their vision is diminished & much of their effectiveness is lost. • Self leadership is the discipline most neglected by the leaders in this part of the world. And yet it is the foundation from which all other success in business & life springs. • It is about conquering & mastering yourself. • You cant be the inspirational leader you hope to be if you wake up every morning feeling miserable & depressed. • Success on the outside begins within.
  31. 31. Leader lead thyself • We see the world not as it is, but as we are. • When you settle for mediocrity in the small things, you will also begin to settle for mediocrity in big things. Anything less than a conscious commitment to peak personal performance is an unconscious commitment to weak personal performance. • Visionary leaders know if there is problem in the morale of the Company , there is a problem in their leadership. • They have the power of character to realize that they ultimately control their futures & that their outer lives are shaped by their inner ones.
  32. 32. Leader lead thyself • 5 ancient disciplines for self leadership. • Discipline of personal renewal- - In this information crazed times that we live in, leaders & managers are driven to do more with less, to work smarter, faster & harder. - What really does the damage is failure of most leaders & managers to gain some relief from the inevitable stresses they face. - Overwork needs to be balanced with downtime. - The best way to do this is to get regular relief through self renewal activities through weekly sabbatical. - In Sabbath we use relax in one day of the week by connecting with family, enjoying personal hobbies or pursuing personal activities.
  33. 33. Leader lead thyself - Time spent recharging your batteries is never a waste but a necessary aspect of any peak performance routine. - Abe Lincoln said “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 hours sharpening my axe”. - In weekly sabbatical you can go for a walk in natural surroundings & discover the power of solitude. We must fill our mind , body & spirit with sunlight & fresh air. - Reflection & introspection allows you to analyze why you do, what you do & how to make continual improvements.
  34. 34. Leader lead thyself • Other ideas of weekly sabbatical are spending an hour in a book store, watching the sun rise early, taking your kids out on a long hike. • Discipline of abundant knowledge- - Applied knowledge is perhaps the greatest source of power & every leader has to reserve at least 30 min a day to read. - Books will keep you connected to the fundamental leadership principles that all to often get forgotten in the crush of daily activity. - 30 min of concentrated reading every single day of the week will make a profound difference in your life. - Books allow you to look deeply into the minds of the greatest men & women who have ever lived.
  35. 35. Leader lead thyself - Stop wishing for fewer problems & start searching for greater wisdom. - Type of leader & the kind of person you will be 5 years from now will result from 2 primary influences: the books you read & the people you associate with. - Learning no longer ends the minute you pass your last exam. It must continue until you take your last breath.
  36. 36. Leader lead thyself • Discipline of physicality- - As you care for your body, so you care for your mind. - Visionary leaders are high performance leaders & they need vigor, energy & drive the kind that comes through being in prime physical condition. - The person who doesn't make time for exercise must eventually make time for illness. - When you exercise, it adds 3 hours to your life. - The quality of food you ingest affects the quality of your thoughts. - Eat more vegetables & fruits. Drink more water. Reduce the quantities of food that you ingest since most of us eat far more than we need to.
  37. 37. Leader lead thyself • Discipline of early awakening- - Enjoy the exceptional tranquility that the days earliest hours brings & bask in the splendor of the morning, before the crush of daily vents clamors for your minds attention. - AS you start your day, so you live your life. First 30 min after awakening set the tone for the entire day.
  38. 38. Leader lead thyself • The discipline of the deathbed mentality- - Most of us live everyday as if we had all the time in the world. - We tell ourselves that there are so many things on our plates that demand our immediate attention that we couldn’t possibly time for anything else. - Stop putting off your dreams & hopes to another day. - Stop putting off becoming the kind of leader you know in your heart you can be. - Now is the time to take some risks in your leadership.
  39. 39. Leader lead thyself - Now is the time to test those new strategies you have been thinking of testing. - Now is the time to show your people how you value them. - Now is the time to love your family & commit to your community. - Live as if every day is your last day. Otherwise you will die with the best you had to give still within you.
  40. 40. Ritual 7- See what all see, think what none think • The ritual of creativity & innovation. • “ Read everyday something none is reading. Think everyday something no one else is thinking. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity”. • One of the most important tasks of visionary leader is to unlock the natural state of creativity that sleeps within the minds of everyone. • Every human being is endowed with creative tendencies. • Let your people know that they will be allowed to take some risks. • Teach them that failure is nothing more than learning how to win & that though some of the risks that they may lead to setbacks, may will also lead to innovation.
  41. 41. See what all see, think what none think • Encourage creativity & make it clear that you are now open to listening, to understanding & implementing the best ideas of your people. • Creativity is nothing more then developing the skill of discovering new solutions to old problems & finding smarter ways of doing what you do. • You must recognize that one of your highest priorities is to create a workplace that rewards curiosity & recognizes that new ideas are the seed of success. Remember, even one good idea can totally transform your Organization.
  42. 42. See what all see, think what none think • Employees fear that they will be punished should they fail. Their rigidity stems from the feeling that they will be ridiculed if they perform in less than acceptable fashion. • If your people are unwilling to embrace new ideas, concepts & system with enthusiasm & energy. Its because you haven't taken the time to create a workplace that is risk free. • Creativity is always shifted when people feel that they have something to loose.
  43. 43. See what all see, think what none think • Give your people the freedom to fail. Rise the level of trust. Celebrate spontaneity & reward original thinking. And let people be themselves. Give them permission to let the gifts of their imaginations shine. • Encourage your people to set a weekly idea quota for themselves. • Develop a formalized system to reward the best ideas so that people learn their originality matters. • Never forget that when you ensure that your employees laugh while they work, they will ensure that your clients laugh while they buy. • The Company that plays together, stays together.
  44. 44. See what all see, think what none think • Most of the time people accomplish something great while fuelled by a compelling & worthy cause . • What surprises is that most people wait until they face some kind of a crises, whether professional or personal, before they reach deep within themselves & discover their human gifts.
  45. 45. See what all see, think what none think • “ Nourish your imagination & flex your mind. Let your natural creativity out of the box. Dare to dream bigger dream & envision a higher future. Though you might see what other leader in the business world sees, start to think what no one else thinks. Never forget that deep within the body of every visionary leader lives the spirit of a little child, full of excitement & wonder”. - The monk who sold his Ferrari
  46. 46. Ritual 8- Link Leadership to legacy • The ritual of contribution & significance. • Your legacy to the generations that follow will be how much value you have added to your Organization & how much lives you have improved. • What makes greatness is beginning something that does not end with you. • When you were born, the world rejoiced while you cried. Your mission must be to live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.
  47. 47. Link Leadership to legacy • Your legacy will ultimately be a manifestation of the deepest & the best that you had to give in life. • It will be a reflection of the person you now are & the person you aim to be. • Leaving a legacy is not about impressing your friends or reaching the top. Its not about looking good but doing good. Its more about fulfilling your duty & actualizing your humanity.
  48. 48. Thank you