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Sandip Mukherjee Profile

  1. 1. PROFICIENCIES • Engineer business through interactions with CxO to add value to their function.Sandip Mukherjee • Work with strategic partners in delivering large Systems Integration projects. +91 98300 67023 • Architect large scale very high throughput sandipm.in@gmail.com integration solutions.Sandip is a proven leader with strong organizational skill and • Envision and develop tools to automate application modernization.interpersonal abilities. He has more than 24 years of experiencein software industry. He has outlined IT strategy for large • Demonstrated in depth knowledge andGovernment departments. He demonstrated his skills suitably experience in application modernization and decommissioning mainframes.in designing solutions in a collaborative way with cross-culturalteams for complex business requirements in both application • Drive focused initiatives to add value (increasedevelopment and application management that involved value add) in existing engagements through innovative solutions.multiple technologies in disparate platforms. He spent aconsiderable part of his career working in different dimensions • Led Presales support and leading large cross-of application modernization and consulting. tower solutions. • Architect automated exchange of data acrossHe is currently working as Director Application Consulting and systems.Solution Designing at Logica/CGI. His role involves partneringwith clients, presenting solutions, optimizing delivery • Manage product development life cycle.processes and mining accounts with innovative involvements. SEGMENTS & DOMAINSHe leads the Consulting initiatives, owning the ConsultingPortfolios of Business Engineering. The portfolio aims to • Public Utilities: Billing, Collection Claims &increase the share of the purse by integrating innovative CompensationsConsulting elements in Solution offerings. • Manufacturing & Service: BOM, Costing, Production PlanningHe has a track record in winning, developing and delivering • Hotels and Hospitality: Hotel Revenue Optimization,complex multi-platform, multi-geo, and client-centered Online Distribution, Booking Enginessolutions. • Insurance (US P&C only): Policy, Claims & Reinsurance  162/35 Lake Gardens, Kolkata, India Confidential
  2. 2. SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTSLogica/CGI (February 2012 – Current) as Director Application Consulting and Solution Designing• Optimized the delivery of a troubled Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) engagement that included Application Management (AM) in Europe. The engagement had no distinction of BPO and AM services being delivered. He and his team did a detailed analysis of the activities (and time spent) along with clearly defining the activities that should be carved out of BPO to AM. The engagement, on transition, went profitable in 7 months through significant reduction in costs.• Created the AM Consulting portfolios for Application Roadmap, Application Modernization, and Application Value Assessment & Outsource-ability.• Lead the development and implementation of Global Standard Solutions Framework to reorganize Presales Solution units in Geographies to work in a Global way. The change was effectively implemented through adequate communication, trainings, action plans and monitoring.Siemens IT Solutions and Service/Atos (August 2010 – January 2011) as Deputy General Manager• Lead a large global deal leading a cross-cultural, multi-geo team involving Application Development, Application Maintenance and Infrastructure Maintenance. The requirement was to provide the support in the above areas in multiple geographies. The complexity was primarily to bring at the table a collaborative solution involving all the towers and taking care of the different laws of the different geographies.• Worked out a solution to automate batch process records of a chemical production facility. The plants involved in a process were of different levels of maturity - Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual. The USP was that the system provided the desired results independent of the type of plant at an affordable cost.Independent Consultant (March 2009 – August 2010)• Conceptualized and developed a pre-configured solution for animated dynamic content display using readily available low cost infrastructure. The content could be controlled per screen or groups of screens. It supported different content in different languages based on configuration. More than 1100 screens are currently operational across eastern India. Sandip Mukherjee Confidential
  3. 3. SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS (continued)eRevMax Technologies (2006 – March 2009) as Chief Technology Officer• Defined the technology roadmap and a cohesive architectural framework of a suite of products for a hospitality industry leading to gain in organization efficiency. Led the migration of the existing products to the technology framework and streamlining the various solution offerings and standardize the different technology platforms resulting in significant reduction of support and maintenance costs.• Developed a product that monitored the Carbon footprint of an enterprise in non-manufacturing areas like Travel, Buildings and so on. This was developed through a 22-seater ODC of which he was responsible for the P&L as well.Metalogic Systems (1998 – 2006) as Associate Vice President• Lead the complete cycle of application modernization and decommissioning of mainframes on multiple accounts. He outlined solutions, responded to RFPs, participated in client orals/presented proposals/responsible for front-ending with the client during sales cycle, demonstrated capability through prototypes and owned the implementation of complex migration solutions around the world.• Sandip visualized, designed, incubated and lead the development of many migration tools that have been used for executing multiple migration projects across the globe. Some examples are: – COBOL migration tools. These tools take care of parsing input COBOL sources of various Mainframe COBOL variants and generating suitable MF COBOL programs. Depending on parameters and plug-ins, the tool took suitable actions for Database migrations, User Interface migrations etc. – TP Monitor replacement products like those for replacing BULL TP/8, CICS, and ICL TP. They emulated the functionality of the mainframe TP monitors in the modern platforms with little or no cost of additional software components.• He was instrumental in conceptualizing, and designing a highly configurable insurance application generator toolset for the Property and Casualty segment of the US Insurance industry. External variances as State specific rules demanded a highly flexible solution which was capable of handling all types of scenarios. He Introduced the concept of generation of the application based on parameters and came out with the architecture and design of a generator type of toolset comprising of Configuration Manager, the Screen Painter, the Rating Engine and the Rules Sub-System.Embee Software Pvt Ltd (1995 – 1998)• Sandip developed an automated tool for Oracle migration. This tool was successfully used to migrate Oracle Forms applications with V2 triggers to PL/SQL based Oracle forms 4.5 for many clients as Tata Tea, Tisco Growth Shop and Tata Cements.Duckback Information Systems (1987 – 1995)• In these organizations, his primary role involved application development. He also worked on pre-sales solution and support for COTS products. Sandip Mukherjee Confidential