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Sandi Vaughan Cover Letter

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Sandi Vaughan Cover Letter

  1. 1. SANDI VAUGHAN <br />2408 Crestwood Circle Tupelo, MS 38801<br />shvaughan01@my.iccms.edu<br />662-422-4487<br />Personnel Department,<br />Please consider my credentials and contact me at your earliest convenience. I have 25 (SUCCESSFUL) years sales experience. My sales volume has always been in the top five. While working for Pitt Promotions, I was the number one requested sales employee for mall and department store openings across the United States (for chains such as Barney’s New York, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Lord and Taylor). <br />While working at the Tupelo Furniture Market, I increased the vendor volume by at least 25%. December 2005 I set a record: for the first time in Tupelo flea market history, since 1989, I opened a third building with 125 vendors.<br /> My expertise lies in public relations, sales and marketing and customer service. Are you seeking someone honest and dependable, someone who goes the extra mile for the customer, someone who will take pride in your company? Lastly, as a single parent for 25 years, I have a winning attitude to accomplish my endeavors.<br />I am willing to travel extensively, nationally or internationally.<br />Thanks for the opportunity,<br />Sandi Vaughan<br />