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Exercices for lower stomach fat

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Exercices for lower stomach fat

  1. 1. Exercise to lose bellyBodybuilding program involving exercises, and especially how to do to lower stomachfat: making the abdominal fat is mobilized and forcing the abdominals to draw then thisfat to reduce fat belly.To lower stomach fat, otherwise said lose weight in the abdominal region, two elementsare required:- a regime- a special weight training to lose belly fat and lose weight at the stomach. For a long time wethought it was p as possible, but it is now proved that it is possible to lose weight locally,provided they follow a specific training.Diet to lower stomach fat:If you have too much fat on your stomach, you must initially make abs visible, so to lose fat:you need to make a dryer .A dryer is a low calorie diet with the aim of reducing body fat overall body.These three exercises should be chained circuit without rest. The rest is taken at the end of thecircuit. Made from 2 to 4 circuits per session.For best results:- Perform this program every day, leaving just 1 to 2 days off per week- if possible twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach in the morning, evening beforebedtime- Do not try to make a real contraction during these exercises.
  2. 2. The goal is not well contracted muscles or to search volume, but simply to make rapidmovements. The purpose of this program is to allow the stomach and abdominal fatto improve blood circulation , which a double effect:- When fat accumulates, blood flow is reduced in the area, and fat finds himself “stuck”, notfinding the exit to the rest of the body. Improving blood circulation, fat can bemobilized more easily by the body to provide energy. It can then be burned by the body whenneeded.- By long series every day, and twice a day, abdominals will need energy, energy they willdraw closer: in the abdominal fat , which is now again became mobilized.If you want tips for a flat stomach , which is complementary to what is written here, you willfind information on the previous page.Flat stomach exerciseFor a flat stomach, resistance exercise is to focus the work of the deep muscles of theabdomen, including transverse. The goal is to improve the cladding of the abdominalwall, thus keeping the stomach.Many are those who want to have a flat stomach , and looking for that miracle year.The problem is not so much of the year, but the type of work. In abdominal muscle classic,the goal is purely aesthetic: increase the volume of the abdominal muscles to get a nice “shelfchocolates.” The goal here is to improve the relief.bodybuilding here This will make the muscles stronger and more durable, but it does not workthe aspects necessary to achieve a flat stomach :- Work the deep muscles of the strap Abdominal- Improved sheathingIt may even have the opposite effect if the selected exercises are not good, such as sit-upspoorly executed, or leg raises with back arched. With this type of movement, it is notuncommon to “push” the belly forward and thus obtain visible abs but with a round belly!Below are the necessary information to perform an abdominal muscle special “flat stomach” Build muscle abs: strengthening exercises (Page 2/3)Execution of the exercise: take off and gradually roll the spine, vertebra by vertebra, keep thechin tucked throughout the year. Mount blowing and entering the stomach. Inspired byreturning to the starting position but rest shoulders.
  3. 3. Muscles worked: the rectus abdomen, large and small oblique.Make four to six sets of 12-20 repetitions depending on your physical abilities.Exercice # 3: winding vertébralStarting position: Lie back (supine), legs bent on the chest, arms to the ground before.Execution of the exercise: exhale, twist off the pelvis and lower back (only a portion of thespine) keeping your legs bent and glued to the chest. Inspired by returning to the startingposition without resting the feet on the ground so as not to arch your back.Muscles worked: localized movement of the lower abdominals.Do six sets of 20 repetitions and even if you have acquired good. Agree 10 seconds restbetween each set if you are new.Exercise # 4: Approximation of the train and train lower upper (lower and upper back).Starting position: Lie back (supine), legs bent on the chest, hands behind your head (do notpull on the neck) or at the temples.Execution of the exercise: ending merger of the two segments, that is to say, simultaneousdetachment of the lower back and shoulders. Inspired by returning to the starting positionwithout resting the feet on the ground.Muscles worked: the rectus abdominal, oblique and lower abdominal insertions.Do six sets of 20 repetitions, according to your possibilities. Do not hesitate to give 10seconds of rest between sets.
  4. 4. Exercice # 5: flexion and rotation angleStarting position: Lie back (supine), legs bent on the chest keeping the angle between thethighs and calves. Lumbar stick to the ground. Right hand behind his head bent left arm to theground in line with the shoulder.Execution of the exercise: ending right elbow touches your left knee. The lower back is gluedto the ground. Change sides.Muscles worked: large and small oblique.Do four sets of 20 repetitions on each side. Another possibility to achieve the same exercise,but keeping your legs bent and feet on the ground.