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Representation and ethnicity 2014

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Representation and ethnicity 2014

  1. 1. AS MEDIA STUDIES Representations of ethnicity
  2. 2. Family guy Come Fly with me • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zfV-ZTOWqs • http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dCk6fSQ21rY • The Guardian - Come Fly with me • http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/ 2010/dec/28/come-fly-with-me
  3. 3. Representation - key questions • Is it stereotypical / counter typical? • Is it positive / negative? • Who is doing the representation? • To whom? • What messages and values are attached to this?
  4. 4. Ethnicity • What is ethnicity? • Are these typical representations? Ext: Why do we have these stereotypical views?
  5. 5. Ethnic stereotypes challenged 5
  6. 6. What is ethnicity? • Racial stereotypes - the stereotypes are based often on ‘social myths’ perpetuated over time; • There may be a grain of truth but many stereotypes have been over generalised and exaggerated • Many are racist and offensive • Different minority ethnic groups are generally under represented in TV Dramas. • Are racial stereotypes reinforced or challenged in TV drama?
  7. 7. What stereotypes can you think 7 of? • Can you think of any instances where film or TV has challenged those stereotypes?
  8. 8. ETHNIC REPRESENTATIONS Gang culture and black people is a frequent stereotype Black and asian people as immigrants are featured Working class black youths are commonly stereotyped as criminal, a stereotype which is spreading to Asian youths too. With black youth in particular, we often see heavily Americanised characteristics through language, dress and musical tastes for example. White wealthy upper class is a frequent stereotype You may also get white racist characters featured
  9. 9. ETHNIC REPRESENTATIONS The most negative stereotype, of Muslim Asian/Middle Eastern characters, is actually very similar to an old stereotype of the Northern Irish: violent, backwards, religious, fanatical. Since 9/11 certain ethnic groups - Muslims - have been negatively represented. Religion is often involved in ethnic representation – look out for religious figures being negatively represented and non-religious figures being treated more positively. The whole question of Britishness and citizenship is often featured. Indeed, Western v non-Western (in terms of clothing, social attitudes – eg towards women and alcohol – religious practice, music etc) can be a key binary opposition to look for.
  10. 10. TASK • To create on a word document 3 positive ethnic representations and 3 negative ethnic representations from TV. • For homework : • How are these three characters represented and why. • You must refer to the 5 key questions.