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Bahan ajar Tekanan Osmotik

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Aplikasi Tekanan Osmotik

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Bahan ajar Tekanan Osmotik

  2. 2. Dialysis isotonic solution: infusion
  3. 3. What is Osmotic Pressure??  The volume difference betweenthe two solution at the equilibrium generates a pressure called the osmotic pressure.  The pressure of osmotic is defined as a pressure given to prevent osmosis, which is to prevent the flow of solvent molecules.
  4. 4. The Calculation of the Osmotic Pressure According to Van’t Hoff, the osmotic pressure of solution can be calculated by using ideal gas equation:
  5. 5. Example What is the osmotic pressure of a solution at temperature of 27oC, if 3,6 gram of glucose (Mr = 180 gram/mole) is dissolved in water until the volume reaches 200 mL? (the pressure in atm) Solution: 200 mL= 0,2 L and 27oC= 27+273 K= 300 K
  6. 6. Dialysis In dialysis events called osmosis. where there is transfer of small molecules such as urea through a semipermeable membrane and into another liquid, and then discarded. why did happen osmosis????? the difference between the concentration of the solution contained in the blood with a solution that is in the dialysis apparatus causing osmosis events
  7. 7. Intravenous fluids should be isotonic with intracellular fluid to prevent osmosis, either into or out of cells. Thus, blood cells are not damaged.