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The Mobile Side of Retail

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Explore how mobile technology is changing customer experiences, in-store engagement, and retail strategies in this concise deck, courtesy of SAP and TechValidate.

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The Mobile Side of Retail

  1. THE MOBILE SIDE OF RETAILHow Mobile Technology is Changing Customer Experiences, In-Store Engagement, and Retail Strategies Brought to you by SAP. Research by TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/product-research/sap-retail.com
  2. By far, more retailers (68%) were concerned with integrating mobile technology into their business strategy. A NEW REALITY FOR RETAIL We asked SAP Retail users what the top issues facing retailers in the next five years will be. Here’s what they said: planning and delivering the right product assortment. 53% delivering consis- tent, personalized customer experiences across multiple channels. 67% leveraging mobile, social, and online interactions to drive sales. 68%
  3. A NEW REALITY FOR RETAIL Engaging customers when they are shopping in your space is crucial to keeping them loyal. Here’s how some SAP Retail users ranked in-store engagement techniques: Although person-to-person connections still dominate, mobility is a factor in five out of seven top engagement methods. 81% 42% 37% 31% 29% 24% 18% Store associates Consumer smartphone apps Kiosks and digital signage Location-based mobile coupon delivery Mobile Web sites QR codes Text messaging
  4. MOBILE ADOPTION IN RETAIL How are retailers using mobile technology in their operations? Here’s what our survey said: Almost all retail operations are leveraging mobile apps to grow their business. Developing specific branded mobile apps: Using Mobile Advertising: Developing mobile-ready websites: 58% 49% 41% Developing mobile apps for store staff: 27% Delivering location-based coupons: 25%
  5. Identify opportunities for operational improvement: 56% Observe how consumers perceive a brand: 52% Integrate social data with key processes: 52% Capture and respond to customer issues: 47% Track conversations about products and services: 39% Learn what others say about the competition: 33% HERE COME THE SOCIAL SHOPPERS Mobile devices are making it possible to make shopping a real-time social event. Here’s how retailers are using this new source of data: The majority of respondents are integrating social data into promotions, planning, supply chain, and other key processes to better understand their customers.
  6. RETAIL SOLUTIONS AT THE READY No matter what challenges your retail operation faces, SAP has solutions that can keep you ahead of the competition. For more information about what SAP can offer retail operations, including innovative mobile solutions, visit SAP Retail today.