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EDM Overview of Synthetic Profile

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Overview of Synthetic Profile

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EDM Overview of Synthetic Profile

  1. 1. Overview of Synthetic ProfilePresented By : Rakesh DasguptaContent at : http://wp.me/p1Ci5j-q http://wp.me/p1Ci5j-
  2. 2. Agenda1.Synthetic Profile.2.Creation of ‘Day’ Profile.3.Creation of ‘Factor’ profile.4.Creation of Synthetic Profile.5.Calculation of Usage Factor.6.Demo.7.Questions .
  3. 3. Synthetic Profile I Profile containing values generated on the basis ofpredefined periods (day and season groups) andcorresponding day and annual profiles. Synthetic profiles are used when no interval data isavailable. These profiles classify the consumption patterns ofcertain groups of customers. Customers with similar consumption patterns areallocated to the same synthetic profile. Dynamic modification factors are used to changesynthetic profile values. These factors prevent large jumpsbetween season types and allow you to maintainresidential customers’ normal profile shape.
  4. 4. Synthetic Profile II For this demo I will use Season Group ‘Year’ and DayGroup ‘Day01’. Year has the whole year without any subdivision intomonths. Day01 has weekdays and weekends. Dynamic Modification factor is also used. TransactionCode is ‘EEDMFACTORCALC’. Two Day profiles is needed for the two Day types andone factor profile is needed for ‘DMF’.
  5. 5. Day Profile – Header I
  6. 6. Day Profile – Values I
  7. 7. Day Profile – Header II
  8. 8. Day Profile – Values II
  9. 9. Factor Profile - Header
  10. 10. Dynamic Modification Factor I
  11. 11. Dynamic Modification Factor II
  12. 12. Synthetic Profile – Header
  13. 13. Synthetic Profile – Details
  14. 14. Profile Values
  15. 15. Allocation of Load Profile to Installation I
  16. 16. Allocation of Load Profile to Installation II
  17. 17. Allocation of Load Profile to Installation III
  18. 18. Allocation of Load Profile to Installation IV
  19. 19. Allocation of Load Profile to Installation V
  20. 20. Demo
  21. 21. Questions