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  1. 1. Locations We have taken into Possible Locations: consideration the -Hextable number of different -Eynsford locations we need for our film and where it is -Sutton-at-Hone suitable and possible for -Ellie’s house us to film. -Sarah Brushett’s houseThe backgrounds of each These locations are easy slide shows our chosen to reach and available location. for us to film at.
  2. 2. 1st LocationAt this location the character will have to:• Stand at the side of the road• Be filmed from across the road• Sit on a wall• Walk through the street This involves sitting on a wall which is also featured in location 2 and therefore the two locations must link. Ellie’s house, in Hextable, would be appropriate as it is on a main road and therefore will have traffic and so she can be filmed outside her house from across the road.
  3. 3. 2nd LocationAt this location the character will have to:• Wake up in her bed• Get up and walk to the bathroom• Walk down the stairs and leave the house• Sit on a wall outsideAfter planning the 1st location to be in Hextable, thisone also must be here as she is shown sitting on thesame wall in both groups of shots, either side of theflashback scene. Therefore Hextable will also be the location for this shot.
  4. 4. 3rd LocationFLASHBACK SCENESAt this location the character will have to:• Be in a house, talking to her boyfriend• Sitting on the sofa• Walking towards and entering the house The flashback scenes are set at the characters‘boyfriends house’ and therefore must be in a different location to the first house. We believe Sarah Brushett’s house in Eynsford is suitable as we can easily reach it, while the kitchen and lounge are large to fit in lighting and camera equipment.
  5. 5. 4th LocationAt this location the character will have to:• Be in a secluded area• Drinking and smoking• Burn a picture of her and her boyfriend As we are using Sarah’s house in Eynsford, a suitablelocation we feel would be Eynsford castle as there is a large, plain wall where these shots can take place. Another possibility is Sutton-at-Hone where I live asthere is a nearby country lane which is secluded so we can easily film down. In both the setting is quite simple and so will not take focus of the actress.