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The Future Is Now

  1. In 2005, you launched a dream and grew! industry leader that has set the   it into an ! Bar so high I imagine can’t! working ! for anyone ! else.!
  2. In   2012, I want to launch my DREAM and become Big Machine’s newest Agent of Next !
  3. I have THE   RE    LUTION   VO   SO   And  my  proposi1on  comes  with  virtually  ZERO  risk  and   yields  INFINITE  rewards!   Engagement Growth Sales
  4. The Vision! To further develop BMLG into a brand with its own unique voice that engages and unifies the fan base of all BMLG artists Let’ s rev o lut ionize t he way t he game is played!
  5. BMLG is the fun label , with an INCREDIBLE story, the best artists, most passion for innovation! and the
  6. Let’s capitalize on all that BMLG is and make the best, even better! using a brand strategy that greatly ! benefits artists and fans.!
  7. Right now, BMLG is only engaging   12,000 likes as  a  brand   52 mil l ion l ikes Ar1sts   17,000 followers as  a  brand   21 mil l ion f o l l owers Ar1sts  
  8. I have developed a plan to: •  Maximize opportunity! •  Deliver more to artists and fans! •  Revolutionize the status quo! Fans crave more engagement!
  9. L et’s start wit h Media Solutions! More  people  communica1ng,   connec1ng  and  interac1ng   =   with  the  BMLG  brand.   More  exposure  for   all  BMLG  ar1sts.   Develop a unique and fun voice for the BMLG brand to use in all media, promotions and marketing delivery.
  10. conducted  a  research  study  to  discover  the   behaviors  and  levels  of  engagement  of  music  and  concert  lovers.   Fans crave engagement and want to share their interests with friends!
  11. Examples of Social Media Optimization! Strategies for both: •  Fully  integrate  with  BMLG  branded  Instagram,   •  Post  quality  and  consistently   Pinterest,  etc.   •  Crea1vely  share  the  news  of  all   •  Add  links  to  ar1st  Facebook  pages,  and   the  ar1sts   concert  informa1on   •  Throwback  Thursday:  Feature   •  Have  weekly  or  monthly  “features”   old  photos  of  ar1sts,  old  music   •  Post  community  building  updates   videos,  etc.   •  U1lize  promo1on  “features”  for   ar1st  releases  i.e.  13  Days     •  Aggregate  TwiYer  list  for  all  BMLG  ar1sts’   •  of  Taylor  or  Family  Feud/Family   TwiYer  feeds   MaYers  spoof  for  TBP’s  new   •  Promote  the  use  of  #hashtags  for  concerts,   album   events,  promo1ons,  releases,  etc.   •  Post  fan  photos  and  recaps   •  Re-­‐Tweet  when  relevant  to  promote   from  shows   heightened  level  of  fan  engagement   •  Adver1se  other  media   pla[orms  and  their  promo1ons  
  12. recently  studied  A  Day  In  the  Life  of  TwiYer  and  discovered:   This confirms a huge opportunity for BMLG. People love sharing photos and seeing their friends’ photos.
  13. Examples of Social Media Optimization! •  Integrate  with  other  media   •  Integrate  with  ar1sts’  accounts   pla[orms   •  Start  BMLG  brand  account   •  Board  ideas:  Ar1sts,  Machinists,  This   •  Track  with  #hashtags  for  special  events   is  how  we  roll,  Big  Machine  TV,   •  Promote  and  share   Official  music/lyric  videos,  All   access,  Bucket  list,  Pinspira1on,   Outnumber  Hunger,  Award  shows,   Radio  friends,  BMLG  Style,  etc.       Film  variety  of  video  vigneYes:   Big  Machine     Label  Group   •  Short  Q&As  to  get  to  know  ar1sts   •  Backstage/behind  the  scenes  footage   •  Hobbies  and  interests   •  Behind  the  scenes  stories,  pictures  and  video   of  photo  shoots,  album  shoots,  making  of   lyric  videos,  talk  to  Neil  Perry  about  his   design  for  the  sophomore  album  cover,  etc.  
  14. More  suppor1ng  findings  from   Fans are } wait ing t o hear fr om BMLG!
  15. Examples of Social Media Optimization! Online community portal and •  Add  interviews  with  ar1sts  to  sta1on   •  During  interviews  play  music  that  the   BMLG mobile app ar1st  likes     •  Use  CrowdTwist  or  similar  service  to   •  Stream  audio  from  concerts  on  BMLG   create  custom  online  fan   sta1on,  especially  for  concerts  sponsored   community  to  incen1vize,  recognize   by  a  Clear  Channel  radio  sta1on   and  reward  fans   •  Offer  exclusive  incen1ves  and   benefits  to  members   •  Access  to  exclusive  contests  and   •  Offer  a  BMLG  freebie  with  merchandise   giveaways   purchase  at  shows  (loaded  iTunes  card   •  Cross-­‐promote  all  BMLG  ar1sts.   of  BMLG  ar1sts,  free  BMLG  t-­‐shirt  etc.)   •  Integrate  media,  promo1ons  and   •  BMLG  Machinist  Badge   marke1ng  efforts   •  Roadie  Badge   •  Integrate  bi-­‐monthly  newsleYer  
  16. More  suppor1ng  findings  from   B uild an exclusive c ommunit y and t hey wil l c ome!
  17. Promotion Solutions! Free Wi-Fi : At  BMLG  ar1st  concerts  offer  free  Wi-­‐Fi  as  a  fan  perk   and  to  encourage  social  media  uploads.  This  can  be  made  possible   through  a  partnership  (i.e.  Verizon)   Exclusive incentives for BMLG followers: Access  to  M&Gs,     special  tapings,  1ckets  to  award  shows  and  events,  opportuni1es   to  be  an  extra  in  a  music  video,  unique  merchandise,  etc.   Partnerships: Encourage  and  create  more  special   promo1ons  through  partnerships  like:  Clear   Channel,  Brickyard  400,  Outnumber  Hunger,  etc.    
  18. Promotion Solutions! BMLG booth: At  fes1vals  &  select  concerts  have  interac1ve  booth  with:   •  Merchandise         •  Ar1st  memorabilia       •  Photo  booth  with  uploads  to   Instagram,  and  online  community   •  Pre-­‐loaded  iTunes  cards  with  new   ar1st  music   •  Cardboard  cut  outs  for  photo  ops   •  Small  freebies  like:  fake  taYoos,   lanyards,  hot  wheels  cars,  koozies,   race  flags,  water  boYles,  and  guitar   picks  -­‐  all  with  the  BMLG  logo  
  19. Marketing Solutions! Cross-promote artists in a variety of ways There are TBP fans who would also love Greg!
  20. Marketing Solutions! Create a distinct voice for brand: BMLG  is  the  charisma1c,   fun,  independent  label   bea1ng  all  of  the  big   dogs.  Create  this  voice!   Use the voice to convey the BMLG story and promise: •  Other  labels  do  not  have   this  same  advantage!   Capitalize on brand power: •  Ar1sts  come  first  at  BMLG   As  you  market  and  promote  the   •  Willing  to  break  down  walls   BMLG  jewelry  and  clothing  line.   •  Family/community   atmosphere  
  21. Marketing Solutions! The  Live  BIG  Campaign   Live  BIG—Celebra1ng  those  who  dream  big  no  maYer  what  their   circumstances.  There’s  winning  and  then  there’s  winning  despite  the   greatest  of  odds.  Submit  an  underdog  photo  with  cap1on  or  video  and   take  part  in  the  Live  BIG  movement.  Your  Facebook  profile  picture  will   be  added  to  our  digital  mosaic  flag,  created  in  support  of  the  men  and   women  serving  our  country  and  all  of  those  dreamers  and  innovators   who  refuse  to  accept  the  status  quo.   Fully integrate media and marketing strategize to maximize exposure and impact.
  22. Impact! In one year I can get BMLG a 300% increase in media interactions! media! That’s more! tweets! Re-tweets! likes! impressions! followers! shares! engagement! comments! favorites!
  23. Impact! I will set promotion! goals to:! growth! satisfy fan demand for exclusivity! Build Increase awareness fan base of of bmlg all bmlg brand! artists! Strengthen community and fan loyalty!
  24. Impact! I can put BMLG on target to:! increase sales of music, merch and concerts tix! use holistic marketing! approach to sales and growth! develop a sds   brand that even more artists and fans want to be part of! sales!
  25. Bringing   BIG   ideas   into   focus!   Sarah M ontgomer y