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Sébastien Arbogast

  1. 1. Sébastien Arbogast Senior Developer and Architect
  2. 2. MSD - OneGeneSys• Worldwide database monitoring and synchronization• Architecture: Hibernate, Spring, Acegi, Struts• Environment: MDA, Eclipse, Jboss, Oracle, Quartz scheduling
  3. 3. European Parliament - ITER• Workflow management system for parliament committees• Server: EJBs + custom security model• Client: Swing• Environment: Eclipse, CVS, Ant, Oracle• My role: design and development
  4. 4. THALYS - Opalys• Manage operational issues and reporting on trains• « multi-head » architecture : one back-end, several front-ends• back-end: Spring+Hibernate• front-ends: Swing fat client + JSF + WebServices• MDA approach (AndroMDA)• Security using Acegi
  5. 5. MKG Qualiting - OlaKala• Agile Architect• Application to design, send and manage results for satisfaction surveys• .Net architecture based on a MDA approach• Support and coaching
  6. 6. Mastercard - KMC• Design and development of several modules on the application manages all the security keys of Mastercard’s transaction network• Spring+Hibernate• Oracle• Eclipse RCP
  7. 7. You And The World• Scrum Master, Architect and Developer• Social network administration module• Adobe Flex/PHP/MySQL
  8. 8. CIRB - BillChecker• Check Mobistar bills• Design and development• Oracle + MySQL• Hibernate/JPA• Spring• BlazeDS• Flex
  9. 9. European Commission - eFP7• Synchronize grant workflow between research DG’s and project holders• Development• Weblogic Portal, Oracle, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP webservices
  10. 10. Vivansa• SME leading innovation in European Customs• Provide IT services + build products• Agile coach + Developer + Business designer• Java, Weblogic, Grails, BPMN, ALSB/OSB, ActiveVos, Flex
  11. 11. Kodesk• Startup to develop peer-to- peer office sharing• Co-founder and CTO• Grails backend, GSP+JQuery frontend• AWS infrastructure• iPhone application
  12. 12. NEST’up• First TechStars-style startup accelerator in Belgium• IT manager, coordinator and coach• Grails, JQuery, MySQL• Cloudbees• Lean Startup, BMC
  13. 13. Chapter4• Team collaboration system for congress organizers• Lead developer• Grails, AngularJS• iOS, Objective-C
  14. 14. Side projects• iPhone apps with Grails backend: MooPlan and ConferenceGuide• Grails plugins: • Grails BlazeDS 4 Integration • Apple Push Notification Service Integration• Writing and speaking...
  15. 15. Conclusion• Strong expertise with traditional enterprise technologies• Strong emphasis on innovative technologies• Looking for projects with • Cutting-edge technologies (iOS, Grails, etc.) • With a high business value to deliver
  16. 16. Technical skillsSystems: Windows (admin), MacOSX (user), Linux (admin), Solaris (user)Networking: TCP/IP, WLAN (IEEE 802.11), GSM, 3G networksSGBD/R : MySQL, PostgreSQL, OracleLanguages : Java, J2EE, J2ME, XML/XSLT, XML Schema, RDF, SOAP/WSDL, (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, C/C++, Visual Basic, PHP, SQL, Groovy, Adobe Flex & ActionScript, Objective- C, BPMN 2.0Methodologies : Scrum, Kanban, Lean StartupDevelopment Tools : AndroMDA (Model-Driven Architecture), Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Subversion, Maven, CVS, Ant, CruiseControl, Tomcat, Cocoon, Apache httpd, Spring, Hibernate, TeamCity, MPS/LOA, Grails, iOS SDKOther tools : CMS (Drupal, Dotclear, Viabloga), Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, LaTeX, Microsoft Project, MagicDraw UML, ActiveVOS, Aqualogic Service Bus, Oracle Service Bus