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Ohmae's 3 c's model

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Ohmae's Business Model :- Sarthak Ranka (+918447332208)

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Ohmae's 3 c's model

  1. 1. Ohmae’s business model
  2. 2. Introduction to 3C model  Developed by the Japanese strategy guru Kenichi Ohmae  Enlists three significant key factors which gives sustained competitive advantage
  3. 3. The 3C’s model Customer Corporation Competitor Sustained Competitive advantage
  4. 4. Organizational Examples of the model
  5. 5. Corporation  Corporate‐based strategies are functional in nature. They aim to maximize the Corporation's strength by following ways :- – Selectivity and sequencing  Ex. Vodafone – Make or buy  Ex. Nelco – Cost effectiveness  Ex. Ambuja Cements
  6. 6. Customers  Corporation must segment the consumers in order to establish a strategic edge over its competition  There are two ways in which differentiation is done, – Segmentation by objectives  Ex. Mont Blanc – Segmenting by customer coverage  Ex. Santoor
  7. 7. Competition  Strong and sustained differentiation vis‐a‐vis competitors form the core of competitor based strategies  It can be constructed based on the following parameters :- – Power of image  Ex. Harley Davidson – Capitalizing in profit and cost structure differences  Ex. Big Bazaar
  8. 8. Case Study  Organization :- Pratham NGO  Mission - To ensure “Every Child in School and Learning Well”  Program- Read India - “Read India” program helps to improve the reading, writing of the children in the age group of 6‐14 years.
  9. 9. 3 C’s model for Pratham Competition Customers Corporation Other NGO’s, other CSR activities Promoters, Public Pratham
  10. 10. Japanese win Strategy Enter low end of the market Expand to medium and high ends “Win the World” Focused Group target marketing Marketing using social media “Mega Events”
  11. 11. The 3C Advantage Corporation  Simplicity of implementation  Trustworthy and award winning organization  High proportion of revenue earnings into core operations Customer  Value in the form of branding, (eg. Pratham supported by Fair and Lovely Foundation)  Students internships and concurrent project certificates Competition  Promoter value  Transparency in workings  Organizational vision as a transparent and accountable organization
  12. 12. THANK YOU.